youth unrest rattles Denmark

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  1. another false media stunt. islam was not spread by sword. that was an arab invasion of the world which was not successful at all.

    the only reason why people accepted islam was because they preferred muslim arabs over their own rulers ( this's what happened in iran/persia ,turkey, middle asia, south east asia, and africa) otherwise the casualties of the arab invasion were much less than the uprisings against local governments in asia and europe.
  2. So they tried to spread it by the sword, but it didn't work. I guess that makes it all better.
  3. Islam was comparatively tolerant up until the last century. E.g. majority-Muslim countries were full of other religious minorities whereas the Christian world as not (save for some very-discriminated-against Jews).

    As we all know, however, this situation has completely reversed. The last century has been a COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE for the muslim world: that epic fail seems only to be accelerating...
  4. that's obvious. you can't expect muslims to have tolerated colonialism and israel.

    give it up.
  6. Tolerating Israel LOL!
  7. So your response to outside influence is to commit civilizational-suicide? Good plan <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  8. ufo LOL

    Anyways, there is a solution to this problem: if they are not citizens, deport them immediately. Otherwise, put em through the system and toss them in jail.
  9. *You'll blow away - ON MY COCK
  10. islam is a religion not a country, so this bull about civilization is only good for law pundits who use scare tactics in some place like america.

    i remember a while back some woman driver hit my car in a parking lot. so i called the police before she could make a case and got the report. but she got her lawyers to call and scare me to pay for damages. i told him to f*ck off. i didn't hear from him again.
  11. yeah, then go see some movies.
  12. keep dreaming homo
  13. luv U bb. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    Tonight, behind the Baklava shack - be there sweetness.
  14. LOL

    Get back to teh kitchen, woman. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>

    Male solidarity.

    I'm with you, UFO. Even if you are a Zionist pig #$%#er.
  15. We want to deport them, but all the "liberals" are whining...
  16. Didnt Iran Sponsor a contest to come up with the most shoking holocaust cartoon ?
  17. The root of the problem.

    As the so called west has fought the last 500 years to separate belief from law system. Law is to be logical, aiming to creating a system where theres balance with well being of the individual and progress of mankind as a civilization.

    I stress that I mean all people with this, the perfect human is a mix of all human. The main reason for why genocides are risky. One might lose a key ingredient.

    Its against the "God is all mighty" -slogan to think a god would make any rules for us. I myself rule out any belief to a distance where logic ends, currently: "before big bang, after whatever end", even though my understanding of physics doesn't allow me to check such beyond thinking, I see it as open minded science, for it changes when something is proven wrong by somebody else.

    I myself don't really mind those who limit their humanity by abiding to rules made by others. But beg that all would at some point use their own mind. That is what an omnipotent God would like.
  18. iran never made fun of moses or jews. just the idea of holocaust as an excuse for crimes of zionists.
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    I didn't know what Zionism was, Wikied it now.

    "Some of the most vocal critics of Zionism have tended to be Palestinians and other Arabs,[citation needed] many of whom view Israel as wrongfully occupying what they view as the Arab land of Palestine.[17][18] Such critics generally opposed Israel's creation in 1948, and continue to criticize the Zionist movement which underlies it."

    So many of all religious battles are actually about property and ownership. Which of course are something completely ok to fight for.
  20. there have been many civilizations with laws of their own and most advaned technologically for their own times, ie egyptians, romans, and greeks. some even had their own religions which distinguished between good and evil like persians, indians and chinese but these laws couldn't live up to their standards and at some point become tools for social political oppression, slavery, and genocide.

    religion is always a sensetive matter because it deals with belief. those people should know better. especially publishers and media who proclaim themselves cultural hubs.
  21. I like Denmark
  22. Did you know there are no FAGGOTS in Iran? Except for UFO?
  23. So because somebody gets offended we shouldn't do it? Seriously Judaism and Christianity has taken far worse blows to the groin and didn't complain, Muslims go on killing sprees.

    It's pretty funny. Well sad really.
  24. I have found myself in between this sensitive matter, as I do have Muslim friends, I try sometimes be careful with my wordings when in their presence. Muslims tend to be more aggressive with their belief than for example Christians. Although I have seen anger in Christian eyes too when Ive blurted out publicly that theres actually no such thing as Good&Evil.
    This is one reason for why I'm cautious about visiting United States, as I count rough 50% of its population as harmful for mankind.
    (How big percentage is actually religious of Americans? , Not that high is it, I hope.)

    Its true the media should practice sensitivity, but then, it was the religious once again who responded with violence.
  25. that's the way it is with islam. in islamic countries people might not obey some islamic laws but they know if they insult quran or the prophet they will be hated even imprisoned or killed for it.

    i don't deny there're sects or regions in islamic counries where they execute without govt permission but it is more a traditional institution called shariae rather than a democratic process as in western countires.

    in islamic countries muslims follow this law whether the central government is islamic or not.

    that's what western countires don't want to accept.

    i just hope danish people realize their government is incapable of filtering things that might hurt their democratic balance.

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