youve just won the lottery

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  1. This. It was probably around when I stopped going through puberty.
  2. I just thought what option 10 could have been

    10) Maserati GranTurismo, Quattroporte, MC12


    11) 458 italia, 612 Scaglietti, Enzo

    anyways there weren't enough options.
  3. Astons, who cares about lap times honestly
  4. if i really did with the lotto i'd probably get a 993 turbo, some version of an m5, an easy driving new lexus and then a bunch of cheap shitty cars to play with. you live too far out of your original means and you'll end up spending it all.

    if i had to get something new and flashy probably a 458 or a 997 gt3.
  5. if i won the lottery id make a thread that wasnt shit like this one
  6. If I won I'de make an internet forum widget that auto erases shit posts. So, pretty much all your posts would be erased.
  7. 360 cs
    arnage diamond series
  8. 456
    brabus e
  9. Gallardo balboni
    Bentley brooklands / quattroporte gts
    Zonda 760rs
  10. gold plated veyron
    gold plated aventador
    gold plated carrera gt
  12. none of those, but if i had to pick, id go for option 8
  13. lol

  14. but some would stay ?
  15. Why would you have to win the lottery for that?
  16. i wouldnt buy any of these shitty bundles because im not a boring retarded child
  17. debatable
  18. I wouldn't mind having a koenigsegg, but reality would set in. I'd finish off my project car, then start 4 or 5 other projects, but I'd do it right and let someone else build the engine internals. It may cost more, but at least it comes with warranty.

    Crawford Performance
    Underground Racing
    Race Lab

    ...yeah, i'd be seeing you guys out
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    UR Aventador would be on my list.

  20. Porsche pack is the only one with three cars I'd actually choose to own myself, but the McLaren pack as the F1 so that's my choice. It seems like you went out of your way to make the Ferrari option as shit as possible though, two brand new models, one of them a fat pig, and one we don't know the details of yet. How about an F50?
  21. Also if I actually won the lottery I'd fill out my Nikon equipment wishlist and plan a bunch of international trips before worrying about what cars to get.
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    which one is the fat pig?

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