Z06 Cop Car

Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06' started by bob777, Sep 24, 2002.

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    No police force is compleat without one of these.
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    that's awsome....not a cop fan but that's pretty damn cool.
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    Likely confiscated from a drug bust.

    Those cops better not be wasting our tax dollars on vettes.
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    probably not on vettes but on camaros.
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    our cops have a bunch of impalas
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    I would'nt try to run from it, between the car and the amazing radio your a fly flying towards the spiders web.
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    true, but considing this is for high speed chases and whatnot, which btw is getting out of control these days, they would probibly rather buy one of these as opposed to two impalas, or Crown vics to take care of the situation
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    Why can't I quote anybody all of the sudden!! This car isn't going to be used for anything except promotional crap. Fund raisers, DARE programs, stupid little community events, etc. Cops are crappy drivers. Vero Beach, FL had a 95' Dare Vette that a cop totaled when he was messing around. Same will happen to this car eventually. It is a waste of taxdollars. Then again, most cops are a waste of air. More worried about busting speeders to pay politicians than busting real criminals.
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    The Camaros do the job just fine. There is no need for Vettes. I mean, most criminals in high speed chases are usually driving a beat up pickup truck or a saturn.
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    My dad got pulled over by a state trooper in Oregon who was driving a Camaro.
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    I hate cops. Even worse in Camaros because they're harder to see. That's what they're going to down here in FL too.
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    The CHP just bought some Camaros, and those things are damned-near impossible to identify until you pass them. They are completely white except for a CHP insignia on the doors, and they have low-profile clear lights on the roof so you can't see them from far away.
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    Ours our black and the roof is tan. Probem is you can't see the roof until you've already passed them, and the lights are the kind you can't see from the from at all. Even more strange, they're all six speeds!!
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    exactly what i was thinking. you wanna know what the most stolen car is in america? TOYOTA CAMRY. Not a high priced car but they steal the ones that are easiest to break into. You are rarely ever going to find someone running in a fast car, they are too hard to steal.
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    BLAH on cops. Bastards racking up my points. Why can't they go catch REAL criminals. If that Virginia HP officer had been looking for the Sniper instead of writing tickets then maybe they would've caught the guy by now!
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    Thats right they drive these crapy stolen cars so no need for vettes.
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    I hate cops. Cocky bastards.
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    They aren't necessarily the easiest to break into, it's just that there are so many of them.
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    Holy crap a GT2 cop car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yeah we have Impala SS's here, some monte carlo's and some camaro's.
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    I've seen pictures of a CHP Lamboghini Diablo. Giving police such cars is just dangrous.
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    You're shittin me right?! I've seen a pic of one too, but it was an ad for a videogame, don't know what's it called though
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    No, it's a real car. Used as a promotional tool, but it was a real CHP Lamborghini Diablo confiscated from some drug lord.

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