Z06 vs GT3 vs Exige S

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SeansVette, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. FACT: This thread is retarded.
  2. Yeah, I'm through with this. There's just no point.
  3. You can't outlast Guibo in an argument. It's futile to even try. I know because I've tried the full 15 rounds a few times and have never been able to go the distance.
  4. Blitz,

    When C&D said that the Z06's interior is subpar, I didn't disagree with them. I never said that the Z06 is a perfect car. I never said that the interior didn't matter on this type of car. Even if it was intended entirely for track use, the seats are very important. I never said otherwise. I don't know why you think that I disagree with you about these things. You keep harping on the areas where you're right, but it doesn't mean that you're right about everything.
  5. Put Z06 in a thread title and you know you'v got a winner!
  6. Blitzchnell PWNED this thread.

  7. This thread won't die.
  8. Just think of the shit load of treads about the Camaro when it comes out.
  9. It won't be nearly as bad.
  13. You guys probably didn't even read this thread.
  14. You probably didn't even read Blitzchnell's posts.
  15. I did. He ignored the things that we disagree about and talked about things that I agree with. He also pretended that I disagree with him about those things.
  16. UGH
  17. People who excessively complain about the Z06's interior need to shut up, but Guibo and mpg REALLY need to shut up. Holy #$%#ing hell.
  18. chill

    At least I'm not telling people to shut up and I'm not flaming anyone like PB and Blitz are.
  19. I was actually done with this thread last night when Blitzschnell (and no one else) couldn't/wouldn't address the points raised. But with this post^^, I feel I haven't even yet begun.
    If nothing in this thread interests you, and you have nothing constructive to add, then STFU and stay TF out. It doesn't concern you.
  20. I can't see that happening, because even to us people who like to deride the Z06, we love the Camaro

    there'll probably be a Camaro appreciation thread
  21. HAHA we did it again. Another long ass/flame fest thread that contains the word Z06.
  22. Bah! The Nurburgring has these ultra-long straights, that's why it loses.
  23. Who cares? You guys completely ruined the thread. As per usual.
  24. You haven't added anything constructive to this thread since you started posting. It's like a P996T thing. If everybody is telling him that he's a complete douchebag, there's probably something to it. If everybody is telling you that you ruin every #$%#ing thread you get involved in, there's probably something to it.
  25. SC.net =/= everybody. If everyone at SC.net tells me that I'm wrong, then I'm probably right.

    BTW, Guibo always posts a lot of constructive data and links. Did you add anything constructive to this thread or did you just pour gasoline on the flames?

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