Z8 looks better

Discussion in '2000 BMW Z9 Convertible Concept' started by Javi550, Aug 9, 2002.

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    The Z8 looks a lot better.
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    I don't know how to comapre the two cars' looks. Z8 has it's heritage styling taken from the 507, when on the other hand this preents bmw's new styling approach<!-- Signature -->
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    hey what are you smoking, let me hit that. You must be high to think that the z8 looks better than this car.

    smoking is bad for your health, it also makes you say stupid stuff.
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    Weed Dosn't kill, Cigarettes do. And the Z-8 is not a Car to be compared to. The Z-9 is Just a concept. This car is alot incer IMO.<!-- Signature -->
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    i think he was talkin bout weed....... ahh well anwyayz this is pretty... ok... i guess.... not great for v8 tho
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    man this conversation is turning into cigarete and weed situation .......... but i think the guy that started this is reeely on somthin because this car RULEZ and the z 8 looks reely good but not as good as this

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