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Discussion in 'American Cars' started by arnulfoes, May 4, 2012.

  1. We just got It today .. MSRP $57,985.00
  2. car should be 20%smaller in every way
  3. agree with cb. this is happening with every car in existence now.

    1969 camaro - big
    2012 camaro - huge
  4. True. I saw the vw up! yesterday and it was huge compared to a lupo. Made me sad.
  5. yeah there's a few of those around here. I was disappointed at how not-small they are.
  6. +1..Next gen suppose to lose like 300+lbs. in Alpha chassis. 580HP with
    300 less pounds to haul around would be amazing performance. As is
    high 11's in the qtr. is still pretty damn good,combine that with a 7:41
    Ring time..A very impressive tank! Lol.
  7. Thats gonna be one fast Volkswagen
  8. $60,000 is pretty expensive for a crossover
  9. thx 4 lol
  10. How much does it weigh in that trim?
  11. What makes it even worse, I felt the inside was cramped.
  12. For that money i would rather buy a bmw 1m
  13. GM need a small RWD Coupe (BRZ size), then medium (Camaro should be that), then large (GTO/Monaro)
  14. I'd buy a used first gen boxster and put a used 911 motor in it.
  15. GM did had a small roadster a few years ago. Not many were sold.

  16. thats because it didn't have a trunk.
  17. Same thing with most German sedans. The 3-series now has the size of older 5-series and the A4 is the same size as the older A6. The base cars become too expensive and then you get stuff like the A3 4-door concept to fill the gap.
  18. I wasn't talking about the Camaro.
  19. I rode in a base model v6, and the top of the door was at my shoulder level. I could not ride with my arm perched up there. It was ridiculous.

    And all I could see out the front was hood.
  20. I took my brothers SS out for a drive one night and I ended up parking it roughly 8 feet before the concrete parking block. It felt like I was driving the Batmobile with how long the hood is + the driving position.

    No denying the fun of flooring it on a straight though.

    It just sacrifices too much by keeping to the cool retro hot wheels design. I look forward to the smaller platformed next gen one.
  21. hey guys, whats goin on in this thread
  22. Sorry. My bad. It was a VW you were referring to. Still, the Camaro
    does look pretty huge up close. Lol.
  23. I secretly look at boxters that are for sale just for this very reason.
  24. edit: are you serious I bumped a thread from May. I suck.

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