ZO6 vs my Civic with nos

Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06' started by 70SuperBee, Aug 9, 2002.

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    NOS in a car is like a body builder taking steroids. It's just fake muscle. These r!cers need to get out of here and go study this car more. There's a lot more to it than what is shown here on SC.net

    The Z06 wins anyday of the week. Kiss the tail lights Civic! lol! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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    i don't think u can get 500hp shot of nos, n00b
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    Dude, he's joking.

    Did anyone bother to read what he put backwards?

    And I'm sure you can buy 500hp NOS systems...
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    why does this thread have 80 replies?
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    a cicvic would get its ass smoked like a whore by this vette. so stop bullshitting kids.
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    I dont have much respect to civic owners that think their cars are fast, i get that kind of bs too.

    '91 Laser AWD
    11.08 at 131
    24lbs of boost

    Oh yeah the Z06 and C5 are the best American Cars on the Market.. period
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    no one here likes civics.
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    Hey buddy, go talk to the test drivers of hondas, do a little research. You will find that hondas are not made for racing, they are an economy car. Every person that has test drove one has said basically the same thing "nice car for around town, but a little slugish, needs more power and would not recommend for racing." Now if im right and i may be wrong because i dont give a sh** about hondas, but after spending a butt load of money you can top out at a max of 250HP, whoo hoo! Go ahead and put your 500 shot of NOS in your car, you still wont be able to this vette. Now get a clue and go back to your R!ce burner forum and talk about your cars that sound like bees stuck in a tuna can. If you want a race car, buy a race car. Just dont try to "trick out" a gutless PoS honda civic. I have yet to be beat by one of those things. God i love owning a V8.
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    Thanks for the information.
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    as ya know it all a civic is crap so why do we talk about jap crap in our american car forums, explain me that?
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    Are all americans racist. just cause a civic is a japenese car doesn't means it sucks. Alright performance wise it sucks but what the hell are you guys thinking comparing a v8 to a v4. That is dumb also just like the ninja guy or the guy with the long post said they both were made with diffrent purposes in mind. Also i don't if you know your history but americans would correctly be referring to europeans who took over native american lands so actually all american cars are made by european blood. Also i am not a fan of anycountry so this is not saying that i'm a european fan even though they make the best cars out there period. I'm not sure but weren't humans started at the area near india and china and japan. So if remember IF I'M CORRECT that would mean every car in the world is made of asian or idian blood. Sure the body changes but what we are is what we are. I don't actually know what i just posted but maybe it will give you guys something to think about before you go saing racist things like japs seems racist and chincks and r!cers and any other racist word that has to do with anything. Also don't you think people would be more civilized if they just referred to themselves as humans and not american and european or asian.

    Actually the nsx is up there with the corrvette so that is one japenses supercar that is still up there with the corrvette. Also .5 of a second or 1 sec is not a lot my gosh you guys over exaggerate so much of these stats. 1 sec going at about 115 mph is about 100 to 150 feet or so. That is not alot compared to meters. Also a lingfinger or whatever that is called doesn't not count that is not even a stock car. That would be like if a civic was maxed out by mugen and mugun sell that civic as if it was there car in the first place. I would give lots of kudos to chevy if they made a corrvete that did 2.9 secs flat out of the box not made by another company. Anyway but isn't mclarun f1 gtr the fastest in acceleration. I think it does 0-60mph in 2.1 sec not sure but i read it somewhere.
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    We are not the ones compairing the two cars. Look at the thread title, it says "Z06 vs my Civic with NOS" you will notice that we are not the ones compairing the two cars, it is the person that owns the civic who is compairing the two, and when we see a thread we just reply and state the facts.

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