Zonda R VS. Edo MC12 Corsa VS. FXX Evo.

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  1. They all need they're own competition class. That would be nice to watch them compete against each other, even though the FXX evo would probably dominate lol.
  2. I second that. The FXX Evoluzione is a six-speed rocket on wheels.

    This is easily the best looking and most functional Zonda I have seen out of the half-dozen varieties. I dig the raw carbon fiber with the two different finishes.
  3. i wud bet on this beating the FXX Evoluzione. The Zonda R has many more aerodynamic aids and is styled like a le-mans car from the ground-up. The FXX is just a modified Enzo built for billionaires with who go on track days...
    The power to weight ratio of the FXX is going to be higher when we get the Zonda's weight so it may overtake on the straights...
  4. No the FXX evo is much more than a "modified Enzo" it's a Full blown monster on 4 wheels.... 880 hp a F1 gear box just a few milliseconds shy of F1 shifting time, a shyt load of downforce (most likely more than this) and a crap load of other racing modifications. The thing is only 6 seconds slower than the Ferrari F1 around the Floriano test track, and not that much slower in straight line accel as well, and that is saying something.... FXX evo is with out a doubt, faster around the track and a straight line.
  5. The FXX evo is 21 seconds slower than the F2004 (55.999) when the FXX evo got 1:16 which is 2 seconds faster than the original FXX.
    The standard enzo has an F1 gear box as well as multiple other current Ferrari production models such as the F430.
    The FXX evo does 0-60 in 2.8sec whereas the F2008 does it in 2.0sec...
    The FXX evo's gear box shifts in 100 milliseconds and the F2008 shifts in 40 milliseconds...

    Learn something before you type a response to someone who knows a lot already...

    The Zonda will no doubt be faster round a track as it isn't based on a Zonda F or a previous model... only the styling of the front is. The FXX evo is an Enzo race car like the Corvette C5 is a Corvette race car.

    We will never know as the FXX will never compete round a track...
  6. My mistake i thought it the Ferrari F1 ran a 1:10... I haven't read the article in a year...but

    And it's 60 milliseconds for the EVO, 80 for the FXX and, 100 for the ENZO (in sportmode.) (I guess you don't as much as you think do you?)

    The Enzo itself produces 775 kg of downforce at 186 mph, and the FXX has improved it's efficiency by 25%. Which gives this some serious downforce. The Evo package farther improved the handling characteristics, and reduced tire wear.

    It doesn't matter that they re designed the chassis, The fact is the FXX is too far technologically advanced, too powerfull, and by the looks, much lighter and quicker than the Zonda R, around any track.

    And the thing is that the FXX isn't even truly meant for racing, its meant for research, so imagine when Ferrari actually does decide to build a GT1 like Le-Mans track car.

  7. The Zonda R is 1180 kg. 25 kg heavier than the FXX Evo.
  8. The Zonda R is 1180-1210 kg. The FXX Evo is 1155 kg.
  9. Yea your right about the shifting:
    "There will be gearbox changes so that shift time will be reduced to 60 milliseconds per shift, a reduction of 20 milliseconds."

    Downforce increases tire wear... cos the car is heavier the more downforce it has lol. The Zonda R is also more designed for racing than the FXX evo... even though neither will compete in anything but track events by the manufacturers.

    "The R Clubsport was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show 2007, still using the 6.0 litre V12 sourced from AMG by Mercedes-Benz.[4] The R Clubsport's competition lies with track-biased cars such as the Ferrari FXX and Maserati MC12 rather than the original Zonda's road competitors. It is thought, therefore, that like the FXX and some models of the MC12, the R CS will not be road-homologated. Since it is likely that the car will be ineligible under FIA regulations for almost any form of organized racing, the car is essentially relegated to privateer racing in nonstandard series and the owner's private track time, much like customer versions of the MC12. For comparison the FXX, which has its own race-series, is also neither road nor race homologated, and is not even delivered to the owner, instead being 'made available' by Ferrari at specified events. The Pagani-designed race-models are also far more proven and targeted racecars, so it is unlikely that even heavily-modified R CSs will compete in formal racing."

  10. That is true, and very unfortunate.... On the plus side, Pagani still has the road legal Zonda Cinque in the works. That the 672 hp the thing holds will shatter records.
  11. 678* not 72 lol
  12. The Zonda R would dominate them. HEll I performs better then the FXX already with only a few runs done on her
  13. I highly doubt it, but we'll just have to see when other people acually start driving the car. Nothing has been confirmed on the car yet and by the figures, the FXX evo is far better. I've seen theat the Hp isn't even 750, but 739, and I've seen 0-60 times ranging from 2.7's to 3.5's, and Top speed reports of 217.5 to 233 (highly unlikely). All i know is that judging from the basic solid info, that Pagani has released, and confirmed, the FXX evo would beat this.

  14. Are you stupid?????????? It already HAS bested FXX numbers in 0-60 , top speed track times and more. Do you even read any of the articles that have comeout? Moths ago they already claim 240+mph do able, The FXX has the same top speed as the Enzo. So right there you come off as a tard. The R has pulled 2.7 AND 2.6 0-62mph times and it has JUST STARTED performace test. All those numbers will get better with more practice runs. READ more talk less you idiot.
  15. This is based off the information I have read. And I don't trust manufacuture claims or tested stats.
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    None of these sources claim anything about 240, which is what I've been reading.... SO either put up links, or stop spreading false bull **** and GTFO. The figures are all un solid claims as of now, until someone other than Pagani decides to test the car.

    You must not know anything about how Manufactures sell their exotics, not every car that that the Manufacture claims to go as fast as they say it does, it's just to make buyers think that what they're buying is the fastest thing out there... And this thing IS NOT, It's close, but until proven otherwise, not as good as the FXX evo. It doesn't even matter what the FXX's top speed (never had any solid top speed figures anyways, which just proves that you don't know **** about cars). Even if it is as fast as the Enzo (highly doubt any 860 hp car is as fast at the enzo, no matter how aerodynamic it is) , it still accelerates faster, and is lighter, and I'm betting that Pagani won't come close to the shifting times the beast pulls off. You don't even know enough about the FXX evo to argue your point here.

    You've never seen a Zonda R in action anyways so WTF would you know? Go do some research for once and your life and come back with something positive, and stop pulling **** (you're good for doing that Arc Light, and everybody here knows).

    I've never EVER seen you prove anything you claim, stop failing so hard and get it together bro.


    And I would like to see where you're getting all of this information from if it's not from your ass.
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    These were THEIR specs when it was under prodution for max output
  19. Fail.... You just avoided my whole argument.. No links, no proof, nothing. lol haha
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    And to anyone who wants an idea of how this beast sounds...

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    Here's anther link that was just added today of them taking the car for a spin. First footage I've seen on the car.
  22. Performance specshave changed AGAIN! Pagani really needs to finalize this
  23. why not add the TVR Cerbera Speed 12 to that ultimate showdown??
  24. YOu are a moron Read up on the Zonda R and in comparison it is A PROVEN BETTER track car then the MC-12 Corsa AND FXX.

    This info is easy to find even on wiki moron. And the fact that the performance specs have changed like 5 times is their fault not mine. THEY NEVER CLAIMED 217, that was for the Zonda F Club Sport AN COMPLETLEY DIFFERENT CAR #$%# HEAD
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    The fact that the performance specs have changed like 5 times is their fault not mine. THEY NEVER CLAIMED 217, that was for the Zonda F Club Sport AN COMPLETLEY DIFFERENT CAR #$%# HEAD. The R has been tested AND PULLED 0-62mph (100kmp) under 2.7 WHICH BEAT the Mc-12 Corsa 2.9 seconds even and the FXX was at 3 seconds when tested by Ferrai, the FXX EVO shaves of 2/10ths which STILL makes it slower to 62 then the 750hp R

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