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  1. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Clearly the closed track/private sessions will not reflect racing lap times as myriad factors come into play in circuit competition. As well, conditions on the day of testing can vary results.

    Therefore, laptimes done on clinically ideal hot laps without traffic, closed to the public, are, at best, benchmarks that indicate a "best possible potential" for a car. This includes any auto-maker's car that is Nur engineered or tested.

    Clearly, results will not be the same every lap, in some cases the "official" times either getting better or worse depending on conditions. This should be a baseline assumption across the board for any car, despite make and model.

    However, with strict emphasis that Nissan is placing upon Nur lap times, including engineering the R35 specifically on the Nurburgring from day one, is clearly not merely for the sake of it.

    Lap time benchmarks in and of themselves do not necessarily reflect how a car will perform in competition as such events are designed for endurance competition lasting several hours at a time, with tremendous strain put upon the drivers and machines in adverse conditions.

    I feel that to an extent, this is overlooked while the abstract benchmarks themselves are overly discussed and/or critiqued (or supported). But more importantly overlooked are the very reasons why such extensive engineering and testing have taken place at Nissan.

    These lap times are not necessary to broadcast to the wider public but are are indicators of the R35's potentials, and are ongoing warning signals for what is about to unleash. Nissan isn't just going out on the Nurburgring and running random hot laps. In actuality, the greater engineering and testing to achieve them is scarcely seen or known. Lap times simply make headlines, with the sweat equity behind them nearly entirely ignored.

    What is then quite obvious is essentially hidden and ignored to no end. Nissan has been answering and upholding every point argued against it with proof, step by step --the ultimate buildup being competition where winnings can ultimately legitimize the ongoing developments.

    Act II(spec-v and nissan motorsports) is coming while most are simply asleep at the wheel.

    This is really the point of such benchmarking. One is able to quickly look at the cars that will give each other the stiffest potential competition. Lap times do not specifically determine how a car will perform in bumper to bumper competition --but can give an idea which cars will be bumper to bumper with each other.
  2. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    I'm pretty sure Nissan intended on the GTR to be compared to and beat everything on the street. At least that's the feel I got from their press releases.
  3. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    The GT-R is a computer with an engine. No wonder it can wring such great times from such a *relatively* poor power to weight ratio.

    Congrats to the GM guys. Now if only it didn't have the stupid #$%#ing window in the hood.
  4. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Well, one thing is that many of the dyno tests showed numbers closer to 550... BUT even then it hardly makes any sense. It's just so bloody heavy. That's the main thing. I just don't see how AWD trickery can make up such a huge power/weight ratio disadvantage... Not to mention the fact that the weight should also hinder it's handling on account of physics.
  5. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Yea, there's just NO way a car of it's stats should be capable of such lap times.

    Mindless Oath, you can blab and believe all you want, but Nissan has to have been up to something with their NRing car. I just see no way of it truly performing as well as they claim it to. \

    Was there a vid of it's ring attack? Perhaps the video of it was ever so slightly sped up or something.
  6. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    The extra weight isn't just sitting around doing nothing. The heavy stuff is translating more of the GTR's potential into forward motion. Even though the ZR-1 has more hp and less weight, and even if it had the short gearing of the GTR, it would still lack the GTR's traction out of corners. Audi knew this years ago in SCCA/IMSA racing. As did Nissan in racing Skylines.
  7. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    there is a difference between weight and downforce.
  8. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    It's definitely not sped up. If anything Nissan would have modified the car.
  9. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Fantastic time for the ZR1. I hate the window on the hood but this car gets my thumbs up now. European exotic makers will have to push the boundaries further to justify their high prices.
  10. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Yeah, and yet what he said is still correct.
  11. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    They claim it to be stock, I don't think I believe them though.
  12. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    What leads you to believe the ZR-1's time but not the GT-R's?
  13. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Well the ZR1s time seems reasonable, whereas the GTRs seems impossible simply because of physics. I dunno about them actually faking anything, or even them using a ringer... It just doesn't seem like something the Japanese would do, being so obsessed with honor and all... but it still SEEMS impossible even if it is true.
  14. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Because it pulled a time similar to other cars of its weight/power/etc.
  15. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4
  16. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    I just thought people would be glad that theres TWO cars out there now that offer such an awesome performance/price ratio? (compared to the supercars in the similar time brackets)

    I too second in removing that cheapass see through hood.

    Who knows, maybe in 20 years time someone will test a GTR V-spec, ZR1 and ACR on the same track on the same day and settle this.

  17. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    It looks like a Z06 in the front.
  18. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Without a supercharger it'd just be a shit-interior on bricks.
  19. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Have you read ANY of the performance reviews?
  20. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    the hood bulge is quite a bit bigger, but yes it does.
  21. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    I don't doubt that the Sony GTR made the times it did. I'm guessing it just has a fantastically complicated computerized differential system that sends power to all the right places at all the right times. Still ugly as hell.

    I really wasn't impressed with the ZR1 until I saw it in person.
  22. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4


    good time chevy, replace the hood and gimmie one
  23. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    and and and when the c7 z06 comes out in 2012 it will beat the 2010 vspec!!! so just wait for the c7 z06 to come out and if it doesnt put down faster times than the GTR, then you can start dissing it.

    seriously just stfu and admit that the ZR1 is faster.
  24. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    same, it has awesome presence.
  25. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Hear hear!

    I am waiting for a GTR owner to take his car to the ring. I have yet to be convinced that a stock GTR actually laps the ring in less than 7:40. Every single MindlessOath test was done by Nissan themselves, so I simply cannot take their word on the car being stock.

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