2006 Acura RSX A-Spec Concept

2006 Acura RSX A-Spec Concept 2006 Acura RSX A-Spec Concept

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS - American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Las Vegas 11/01/2005 - Modified by the accessory design and engineering group of American Honda, this highly-tuned 2005 RSX is a styling exercise created to explore the design possibilities of Acura's latest sporty performance coupe. The Concept RSX rides on a chassis with a track that has been widened five in.es compared to stock. The body and chassis of the Concept RSX is comprised of racecar suspension tuning, large 19-in. "black chrome" wheels, prototype Michelin F1 rain tires, Brembo brakes, front and rear carbon fiber spoilers and diffusers, an underbody spoiler, dual center exhaust, custom HID headlights and massive fender. Inside, the driver cockpit has been modified to race specs with carbon fiber seats, race-style instrument panel, a custom gauge cluster with 9000 RPM redline and numerous other enhancements.


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