2008 Aeon GT3 Spyder

2008 Aeon GT3 Spyder 2008 Aeon GT3 Spyder 2008 Aeon GT3 Spyder 2008 Aeon GT3 Spyder 2008 Aeon GT3 Spyder 2008 Aeon GT3 Spyder

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Aeon was founded in 2000 by Keith Wood and John Hewitt to design and build a three-seater track/road car. John and Keith have a wealth of experience between them. John comes from an engineering background, serving his apprenticeship with the M.o.D. In his early years he built and raced karts and trials cars, and for the last 17 years has prepared cars and competed in sprints and hill climbs. Keith started his career as an apprentice in a drawing office, but for the past 18 years has owned and run a company that manufactures specialist off-road, amenity, agricultural and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Reliability and Durability Testing at Mira
The Aeon GT� vehicle spent several weeks with MIRA Ltd in Nuneaton Warwickshire. MIRA is a leading independent provider of product engineering, research, testing and certification to the worldwide automotive industry.

Aeon�s first road car was completed and shown at the Exeter Kit Car Show in November 2003. Since then the Aero version and the Spyder have been completed.
Three models are now available:
GT3 Spyder - open top with windscreen
GT3 Coupe - full roof coupe
GT3 Aero - open top with aeroscreen

Justin Yates joined Aeon as a customer in Jan 2007. His car was finished in March 2008 and is the car you see here.

Since Justin joined Aeon as a customer his relationship with Keith Wood grew and Justin is now responsible for all UK northern sales.

The model here is Justin Yates�s own Aeon GT3 Spyder � scoobydesign This is a factory spyder with track focused engine & chassis. The car was built by Justin Yates and can be replicated for sale as a special edition model (Aeon GT3 Spyder-scoobydesign) This car is fully road legal and is frequently used on UK highways.It was also main feature and front cover in a popular UK kit car magazine:
Complete KitCar (July 2008)

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