2004 Marcos TSO

2004 Marcos TSO

2004 Marcos TSO

BIRMINGHAM, UK, 25th May, 2004 – Marcos Engineering Ltd (Marcos) is pleased to announce the new Marcos TSO roadcar – making its debut at the Sunday Times Motorshow at the National Exhibition Centre In Birmingham. This two seat open top sports car delivers an unprecedented level of power, precision and style in the company’s 45-year sportscar history.

From the outset, the new management and engineering team at Marcos set out to build a reliable, easily drivable two-seater, yet instil the TSO with many of the attributes found in Marcos racing cars. This has yielded a road car with exceptional performance and agility while also being comfortable in daily driving and at home in any environment.

The resulting TSO or Omologato is derived from its racing blood line and as such delivers an awe inspiring 400 horsepower in a two seat roadcar that weighs just 1090kg. These impressive power to weight figures enable it to accelerate to 60 mph in just 4 seconds and to 100mph in just 9 seconds. Top speed is estimated to be over 185 mph.

Power is provided by a 5.7 Litre V8 Engine derived from the same GM powerplant used in Marcos and Corvette racing cars worldwide. This Aluminium Alloy block and head design is extremely reliable and lightweight. The TSO R/T benefits from intake and valve train enhancements to increase useable horsepower without sacrificing drivability or fuel economy.

The TSO provides driving agility and impressive road holding due to extensive chassis development and testing under a partnership with Prodrive – a recognised leader in chassis dynamics, vehicle dynamic systems and powertrains. Currently, Prodrive has six World Rally titles and five British Touring Car Championships to their name.

The design team was driven to capture some lines from the 45-year winning history of the brand, yet take the design forward in precision, quality and style. Designed by Damian McTaggart, formerly the designer of TVR’s Cerbera, Tuscan and T350, the TSO’s lines are exceptionally clean yet aggressive. The design effort coupled classic sculpting techniques for real-time feedback with state of the art CAD techniques for precision and speed.

The entry level TSO is priced at 39 950 GBP and delivers 350HP with a 5-speed transmission and 17 inch wheels. The TSO R/T is priced at 44 950 GBP and produces 400HP with a 6-speed transmission, sports suspension package and18 inch rear wheels.

The TSO marks the return of the sharp, affordable, high performance V8 British sports car , said Tony Stelliga, Chairman of Marcos Engineering. We believe it hits a gap in the marketplace that stirs the soul of motoring enthusiasts and are thrilled with the result.

Marcos Engineering is also pleased to announce it will be expanding operations into their own new 6,000 square foot facility at Prodrive’s Kenilworth site in Warwickshire. This facility provides a 1.5 mile high performance circuit and one of the few split low grip surfaces in the UK capable of simulating driving under slippery road conditions.

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In Detail

submitted by Richard Owen
engine Chevrolet V8
position Front Longitudinal
displacement 5700 cc / 347.8 in³
power 298.3 kw / 400 bhp
specific output 70.18 bhp per litre
bhp/weight 366.97 bhp per tonne
driven wheels RWD
f brake size mm / in
r brake size mm / in
curb weight 1090 kg / 2403 lbs
gear ratios :1
top speed ~297.7 kph / 185.0 mph
0 – 60 mph ~4.0 seconds
0 – 100 mph ~9.0 seconds