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2010 Heynsdyk 2500SF

2010 Heynsdyk 2500SF

2010 Heynsdyk 2500SF

In 2006 RJ Heijnsdijk designed his first lightweight special based on the Porsche 944 rolling chassis with the standard Porsche 944 transaxle drive that guarantees ideal weight distribution. In Heijnsdijk’s cabrio the centre of gravity is lowered by 15%, the weight of the car is reduced from 1200 to 900 kg and the frontal area is reduced by 35%. This new cabrio from Heijnsdijk Sportscars is available with an optional hardtop that can be folded and stowed in the boot.

The 2500SF is a stylish and sporty roadster whose unique design flows from a modern though unique design process. The first prototype was carefully hand modelled in steel by Heijnsdijk Sportscars’ founder Ronald Heijnsdijk. Not for nothing that he won the second price in the category innovation during the Dutch Design Week in 2008.

Ronald Heijnsdijk: “Ultimately it is the passion for form that drives me. By working only with my hands the form arises from out the material itself. Through the years there have been car designs which I find are completely suited to the material used. Those are forms which move me and continually draw me back. That’s what I was looking for in my own sports car.”

With his background as mechanical engineer and inspired through the later designs of Ettore Bugatti and Franco Scaglione Heijnsdijk continued to think about creating a design of his own. The design process took years, but the choice to base the car on an adapted Porsche 944 chassis was quickly made. 100% galvanised, trustworthy and readily available because so many are still driving around. The 944 has, because of its relatively high weight, never reached the iconic status of the 911. Yet technically it is a very successful car and so forms a good basis for the 2500SF. The motor, drive-line and electronics of the 944 give the Heynsdyk the behaviour of a mature, fully developed sports car. And with over 300 kilos removed it becomes one lightweight sports machine.

Moreover the choice embraces the “Cradle to Cradle” concept: don’t throw away – reuse. Heijnsdijk: “You can of course recycle a car, but the 944 is so well built, that you can also quite easily extend the life cycle – and that’s what we do with the 2500SF. With that we show that a passion for beautiful cars can be combined with a healthy green view on reuse.”

The bottom chassis of the 944 is modified in the Heijnsdijk Sportscars production location in Eindhoven. After that the original drive-line and the body panels are assembled. Depending on the motor type, the top speed is good for 150 mph and has a 0-60 acceleration of 6 seconds. In spite of this performance the 2500SF has an acceptable fuel consumption (dependent on motor type) of 34 mpg. Through its virtues and easy maintenance is the 2500SF suitable for daily use. The original basis of the 944 remains so that the 2500SF can be registered under its donor’s registration. The serious hobbyist can choose to build the car himself – in that case Heijnsdijk Sportscars furnishes the adapted bottom plate with the building package and also looks after the testing.

Story by Heijnsdijk Sportscars B.V.

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