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Photo Credit: (Instagram)

Ferrari LaFerrari Successor Spied in Heavy Camo

The most revealing sighting so far, caught on camera

Feature Image Credit: (Instagram)

Today, an updated version of the original test mule for Ferrari’s LaFerrari successor was spotted on public roads. The much anticipated hypercar model—heavily disguised by camouflage wrapping—provides further confirmation that the exotic Italian marque remains on track with its plan to unveil 15 new models between 2023 and 2026. The announcement of the company’s Purosangue SUV had already kick-started things late in 2022, so we have another 13 yet to be revealed.

Dubbed the “F250” project by insiders, the most recent culmination of their work certainly does not fall short of any of the conventional hypercar beauty standards. It has remarkable body proportions, with a particularly low-slung and wide body shell that you’d expect from a car of its purported stature. It’s also clear that it’ll only seat two, but that’s very much par for the course.

What We Can See

Aggressive aerodynamic elements are in abundance, with large air inlets and scoops strewn throughout the front bumper, over the rear wheel arches, and on top of the engine cover. The rear fascia of the test mule rounds off the hypercar persona to good effect, with the camo doing little to hide the presence of a humongous rear wing, dual exhaust pipes exiting the middle section of the bumper and a massive rear diffuser.

Speaking of exhaust pipes, purists excited by the notion of an internal combustion engined LaFerrari successor will have to temper their enthusiasm just a bit—a hybrid powertrain had been essentially confirmed as far back as 2022. At least this one won’t be fully electric, though the company has already gone on record to state that EV models are 100% in the pipeline and part of the company’s 3-year-roll-out strategy.

As the above chart suggests, the “F250” will adopt a turbocharged V8 setup as seen in the SF90, while drawing from the more advanced hybrid technologies used in the 296 GTB (which employs a V6 instead). This is certainly good news for the upcoming platform, as Ferrari was already able to wring a combined 819 hp out of the more diminutive 296 GTB. This has lead many to speculate that the hypercar successor should be good for more than 1,000 hp—considering that the lower-positioned SF90 Stradale is already a whopping 986 hp, it’s practically the expectation, too.

More To Come

Leaked documents—with unconfirmed credibility—suggest the the LaFerrari’s successor will make its debut in late 2024, with initial plans to produce 599 standard versions of the car. The company will then manufacture more hardcore (and extremely low-production) track variants known as the XX—only 33 of them, mind you—and then add another 199 open-top models, for a total of 828 units.

That actually sounds completely reasonable—if those figures do indeed turn out to be official—and come with the territory of being a hypercar, after all. With that said, we should also expect the new hybrid hypercar’s price to be well in excess of the SF90’s $525,000 base MSRP, with the XX versions coming in at much higher due to their inherent bespoke and exclusive nature.

As always, we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with more details as they come available! For now, please indulge in the video below.