Ferrari F430 Spider 16M

Year(s): 2009 / Engine: 4.3L V8 / Power: 503 bhp @ 8,500 rpm / Torque: 347 lb/ft @ 5,250 rpm / Power to Weight: 378 bhp/ton / 0-60 mph: 3.6 seconds / Top Speed: 198 mph / Units Built: 499 / Verdict: A genuine hardcore soft-top Ferrari

This was the last Ferrari F430. The limited edition (only 499 we built) Scuderia Spider 16M was built to celebrate Ferrari’s 16 Formula One constructors’ championships and it is based on the Ferrari Scuderia coupe. The basics are the same as the Scuderia with the 16M getting the higher compression 4.3 liter V8 that is good for an extra 20bhp and 4 lb/ft torque over the base Spider. Bodykit, aero, suspension, interior and electronics are all fettled like the Scuderia coupe too. The 16M weighs in around 3300 pounds, about 200 fewer pounds than an F430 Spider, or just over 200 more pounds than a 430 Scuderia.

Did the changes make a difference? You bet. Ferrari clocked the Scuderia Spider 16M around Fiorano test circuit and said it was faster than any open-top road car it has ever built. It isn’t just track performance though, because the best part about the 16M is the way it combines hardcore performance with daily driver usability. This is an open top car remember so it is a good thing that the suspension is adjustable and in its softest settings is actually quite good at massaging away the hardcore nature of the rest of the package.

Perhaps the best part of the 16M is that it intensifies the Scuderia experience. With the top down the noise is just absurdly good. That flat plank V8 Ferrari engine, all 503hp revving to 8,500 rpm is the best thing you have ever heard, the closest thing to an F1 engine you will ever experience. Today’s turbocharged Ferraris don’t come close to the same intoxicating excitement. \It is an astonishing car.


At the Ferrari Finale in Mugello, a drop-top version of the F430 Scuderia became the weekend’s surprise. Called 16M, it now celebrates Ferrari’s continued success as a manufacturer in F1.

Ferrari says this Spider is their fastest ‘open-top road car’, which probably comes as concerning news to anyone on the waiting list for the new California. Unlike the coupe, the 16M is being limited to 499 examples which will probably be sold very quickly.

Remarkably, this new car isn’t the first Ferrari to be called 16M. Infact, one of the very first, chassis 0016M was built new as a 166MM Touring Barchetta. These 166s were Ferrari’s first real production car and helped Ferrari win the 1949 the Mille Miglia.