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Ferrari Roma Wallpapers

The Four Best Ferrari Roma Video Reviews

As we have done in the recent past with the Aston Martin DBX and the GMA T.50 announcement, we’ve gone through the video reviews of the new 2020 Ferrari Roma and pulled together the four best.

Unfortunately, only four this time as a lot of reviewers are still only just getting their review drives in as Italy is still under partial lockdown and has to bring in reviewers in batches. However, EVO Magazine did have an early print review, and we consider that to be the fifth review in this case.

These reviews each have a specific strength, which we will highlight below each video. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some beautiful Italian sights and sounds!


This “First Drive” experience from Shmee150, himself a multiple supercar owner, goes over pretty much everything to do with the car. Importantly, throughout his first drive, he notes at multiple points how the car feels dynamically, especially as Ferrari is positioning the Roma as a daily driveable supercar.


Take a former Top Gear UK presenter. Give him free rein to review a Ferrari Roma. That’s pretty much what AutoTrader did, and the results are an enjoyable, somewhat more hooligan-ish review that still touches on all the major points of the Roma, including a little demonstration near the end of the video about how well the Roma behaves under a foot planted to the floorboards.


LoveCars touches upon the essence of what the Roma is all about. It’s a car that is meant to give first-time Ferrari buyers the feel, the sound, the experience of owning a 612 HP supercar, without the actual need to drive it at insane speeds to get the enjoyment out of it. It’s a Grand Tourer (or Gran Turismo in Italian), and it’s been set up to crush cross-continental drives, as well as give a little giggle to your inner kid when you decide to knock it into Sport or Race modes.


AutoExpress takes a closer, deeper look at more of the technical features that make the Ferrari Roma what it is, instead of just speaking to the design and interior. This is the review to watch if you want to know about how the engine and DCT work together, how the digital dash can be configured into several different modes, and the like.