2007 Locus Plethore Prototype

Jan 26, 2007 - Since the Briklin SV1's departure, Canada hasn't had a supercar of their own for thirty years. Now, after laborous development and ambitious planning, Locus Technologies, led by Luc Chartrand, is ready to debut the next supercar to the world.

Chartrand is no newcomer to automobiles; he's been busy developing collapsible steering wheels for Champ car racing, while mastering techniques to repair composite bodies on Lamborghinis and Ferraris. But now, his focus is on something new.

The Plethore, also known as the Quebec Bomb, borrows from all the hallmarks of modern supercars. It uses a carbon fibre tub and body, while being powered by a large displacement Chevrolet V8 that can feed the rear wheels up to 1300 bhp. The car should be exceptionally rigid, since it uses no engine subframes at the expense of comfort.

So far, only two foam styling mockups have been completed, and the second hints at a central driving position with much needed all around refinement. The curious rear lights come from the Ford Thunderbird, but are positioned to add much more dramatic flair.

The first working prototype will be revealed in the fall and the interior design will be completed for the 2007 Toronto Auto Show. This means that the small factory out at the St.Eustache Raceway near Montreal will be humming over the next month.

Locus tell us that three orders have already been made and that they plan to go through extensive crash tests that will certify the Plethore for both Canada and the US. The current price is $275 000 USD.

Story by Richard Owen for Supercars.net


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