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5 Best BMW (Back to the Future) Concept Cars

Best BMW (Back to the Future) Concept Cars

We love BMW concept cars. We especially love BMW concept cars when BMW provides a fresh interpretation of an iconic BMW of old. With the 2016 BMW 2002 Hommage being announced a few weeks ago, we wondered what our ultimate list of “back to the future” BMW concepts we loved best. This is our list.

We definitely noticed a trend with these cars. BMW adopts the form of a compact sports car in a very classical tradition with their BMW Hommage cars, that is consistent across the board. All BMW Hommage concepts are real cars too. Yes, the actually run. You can start them, turn the steering wheel and even gingerly drive them (if you dare). Finally, all BMW concepts are “design exercises” (ok, sure).

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We’re delighted to share our favorite BMW Hommage cars: (8)

2016_05_23_bmw_2002_hommage152016 BMW 2002 Hommage

The BMW Group created a very special car for the 2016 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este to pay tribute to one of the most significant models in its history. First and foremost, the BMW 2002 Hommage celebrates the extraordinary feats of engineering behind the BMW 2002 turbo – and re-imagines them as a design study for our times.

“Exactly 50 years ago, the 02 range kick-started an era of success for BMW. This compact coupe is one of the vehicles which made the brand what it is today,” explains Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. “The 2002 sat at the top of the range and was the first series-produced car anywhere in Europe to come with turbo technology. That set the seal on the coupe as a genuine sports car. At the same time, the 2002 turbo was at the technological vanguard of engine development at BMW. The BMW 2002 Hommage is our way of raising a glass to all these achievements.”

“The eye-catching design of the BMW 2002 Hommage employs a very dynamic, striking use of forms for its own take on what is, for me, one of the most iconic vehicles in BMW history,” says Karim Habib, Head of Design BMW Automobiles. “At the same time, it encapsulates BMW’s major motor sport triumphs, which were made possible by turbo technology. As such, the Hommage car brings together the past and future of BMW into a confident statement of unadulterated driving joy.”

The sporting silhouette of the BMW 2002 Hommage lies low against the road. Its compact proportions, complete with long wheelbase, short overhangs and prominent “shark nose”, promise a driving experience that thrills with irresistible dynamics and agility. Aerodynamic details like the large spoilers at the front and rear team up with the profusion of air intakes to optimise airflow around the car and maximise downforce in every driving situation.


2008-bmw-m1-homage-concept_100379575_l2008 BMW M1

The new BMW M1 Hommage was a surprise debutant at the Concorso d’Eleganza 2008 di Villa d’Este this weekend. No prizes for guessing what it is: this is an official concept car to mark the 30th anniversary of the original M1 supercar.

The M1 Hommage’s designers say they took inspiration from the 1972 Turbo concept by Paul Bracq, which led to Giugiaro’s M1 production car. Naturally, the 2008 version is still mid-engined and rear-drive – and it’s roughly the same size as the original M1, although the wheelbase is stretched.

When revealed to our photographer, Matteo TT Schucchi, his first impression was that “pictures can’t really show the real presence, but it really is amazing, with some incredible lines, and definitely a great modern interpretation of the M1.”

Sadly, it doesn’t look like BMW is ever going to make this one. We should sign a petition or something. We really really really want this in production. Are you listening BMW?


BMW Mille Liglia Coupe Concept2006 BMW Mille Miglia Coupe Concept

BMW showcased a brand new concept car prior to the 2006 Mille Miglia. The concept car’s hinged hard-top roof was a reference to the relaxation of the rules at Le Mans when racing cars moved from soft-top to hard-top construction as closed vehicles became eligible to race.

The BMW Concept Coupe Mille Miglia 2006 evokes the lines of the classic BMW 328 Mille Miglia Touring Coupe, which won the Mille Miglia in 1940. The Touring Coupe reasserted its mastery of the classic road race in 2004, when it claimed victory in the Mille Miglia storica – the reincarnation of the event for historic racing cars.

The carbon fiber bodywork of the Concept Coupe is a modern aerodynamic interpretation of the aluminum-bodied Touring Coupe, and wraps around the capable chassis and drivetrain of the BMW Z4 M Coupe.



2015 BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R2015 BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R

In August every year car enthusiasts from all over the world gather for the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach to immerse themselves in the fascination of both automotive treasures from years gone by and pioneering studies for times to come. In 2015 the BMW guys has come up with something very special – BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R – a car that celebrates both the 40th anniversary of BMW in North America and the heady racing success of the BMW 3.0 CSL in 1975.

Given the aim of achieving the best possible fusion of driver and car, the driver was the logical starting point for the design of the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R. For the seamless integration of the driver into the car, the designers extrapolated the principle of driver focus beyond the geometric form of the interior. In the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R, the idea of centring attention on the driver begins with his immediate surroundings. This new approach led the designers first to the driver’s helmet, race suit and seat before moving onto the lines and surfaces of the interior.

This way of doing things changes the nature of conventional interior functions. As the layer of interaction closest to the driver, the helmet visor assumes the functions of a display and projects situation-based information such as the car’s speed, gear engaged and engine revs into the driver’s direct field of view. The BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R thus enhances the driver’s direct perception. The idea of the Head-Up Display, which has already proved its effectiveness in series-produced BMW models by flagging up driving-related information without distracting the driver, is therefore expressed in a whole new way. “Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel” is the name of the game – i.e. enabling the driver to concentrate fully on the job of driving the car.2011 BMW 328 Hommage Gallery

2011 BMW 328 Hommage

The 328 Hommage pays tribute to classic 328 roadster from 75 years ago. It follows design trends set out by the Vision ConnectedDrive released at Geneva this year, but has the signature kidney grill from the 328.

To this day, the award-winning vehicle BMW 328 Touring Coupé still holds the record for the highest average speed on the Mille Miglia circuit and, in 2010, was again able to win the historic revival of the race.

In this area of conflict between tradition and modernity, the BMW Group is paying tribute to the BMW 328 on the occasion of its anniversary with a special model – the BMW 328 Hommage. “With the BMW 328 Hommage, we wish to pay homage to the passion and inventiveness of the fathers of the BMW 328”, explains Karl Bäumer, CEO of BMW Group Classic.

“They created an icon, which is considered a milestone in the history of the automobile.” The BMW 328 Hommage translates the principles and the character of the vehicle of that time into present times and offers a possible interpretation of how the designers of that time, Fritz Fiedler and Rudolf Schleicher, might have built the BMW 328 in the present day using current technology.