5 Gorgeous Concept Cars by Affordable Car Brands

Kia GT4 Stinger Concept

Subaru BRZ tS

The Subaru BRZ is a nice looking car, don’t get me wrong. But for someone who’s looking for a car that is quick, even at stock, it let me down. Throw a turbo into it and now we’re talking my language. Unfortunately, the Subaru BRZ tS still doesn’t satisfy that need for me. However, we’re talking about gorgeous concept cars here, and you cannot deny that the BRZ tS is anything but that.

Revamped with greater flexibility, better control, and improved stability, the BRZ tS provides the driver with a bit more pleasure than the previous models. Although it still lacks more power, STI-tuned dampers, coil springs, and draw stiffeners have been added to give the driver nothing but satisfaction.

A Touch of STI

The BRZ tS received a huge carbon fiber wing on the back that can be adjusted as desired, along with the classic STI front, rear and side under spoilers to better control airflow and add to that aggressive look this machine has. Oh yeah, did we mention it’s been outfitted with 18-inch STi wheels?

The List

Check out 5 gorgeous concept cars by affordable car brands, in no particular order,  that you’re guaranteed to love.