5 Gorgeous Concept Cars by Affordable Car Brands

Kia GT4 Stinger Concept

My Top Pick

Let’s pretend that these cars have been mass-produced and are available in today’s market.

My disappointment in regards to the minimal performance upgrades on the BRZ tS compared to the BRZ is enough to steer me away from this concept. Moving on, the lack of specs released on the FT-1 has simply disqualified it from the running (who would buy a car without specs?).

That leaves us with only three cars left to choose from. Although absolutely beautiful, I’ll have to pass on the Mazda Vision Coupe as well. Mazdas have a reputation to rust.

That leaves us two: the GT4 Stinger and the Golf R400. As hard as this choice was to make, I’m going to have to make the GT4 Stinger my second choice.

It all comes back to my bias towards the Golf R400. I’ve owned Volkswagens all of my life, and they’ve always treated me well, ultimately leaving me with no reason to switch manufacturers. My MK7 GTI has provided me with countless unique driving experiences, and I’m confident the Golf R400 would be able to do the same.

5 Concepts to Remember

So there you have it! Five absolutely gorgeous concept cars by affordable car brands. Hopefully one day these concepts will receive the necessary changes to move from an idea into a reality.

Here’s to hoping production begins soon! 😉