5 Gorgeous Concept Cars by Affordable Car Brands

Kia GT4 Stinger Concept

Volkswagen Golf R400

Don’t get me wrong, the Golf R is a sleek, quick hatch that I would be more than happy to call my own. Perhaps I’m just biased towards this car because I’ve been dreaming of the day I can afford to turn a Golf R into a daily, however, after taking a look at the Golf R400, I’m no longer interested in any other car highlighted on this page.

Take your Golf R, flare the wheel arches and throw an extra 100 hp and 50 ft lb of torque into it and you’ve got yourself a Golf R400. This nice little addition of power makes the R 400 a whole second faster than its sibling, making it able to reach 62mph in just 3.9 seconds. Like its predecessor, this concept weighs in at 1,420kg.

How’s She Look?

As much as Volkswagen likes to claim that the appearance has been substantially altered compared to the Golf R, they look fairly similar.

The body is 20mm wider on each side, with flared wheel arches that give it the appearance of it being stanced. The front bumper has received a new makeover to help account for the increased cooling needs of the R 400’s powerhouse of an engine.

The interior is quite simple, striking almost an identical appearance to that of the GTI or the Golf R. The R 400’s racing seats, along with the wheel and stick-shift, are beautifully stitched in a lemon yellow to match the horizontal stripe across the grille.

The List

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