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Legendary John Hennessey Throwing Hammer-Fists at SSC After Failed Record Attempt

Hennessey Has Some Words for SSC

I’m sure we’re all aware of the two parties involved by now. We have John Hennessey in one corner (builder of some of the world’s most legendary cars), and SSC in the other (a manufacturer amidst a PR nightmare after being caught bold-faced lying about a world record production car speed attempt).

I really do apologize to our readers that have had enough of the SSC drama, but if you’re familiar with any TV shows like The Real Housewives of New York City you should know that once the drama-train takes off, nothing can stop it until it catastrophically wrecks.

A quick recap of what has happened so far (I feel like I’m doing this for the hundredth time now): SSC posted a video of their world record run in their new Tuatara, the internet (Youtubers, more specifically Shmee150) proceeded to invalidate their claims using math and previous record attempts at the same strip of road, SSC pushed back and said that they indeed did break the record and that the video editor was at fault. SSC then proceeded to claim that a popular GPS company validated the result. *Plot twist*, the GPS company came out and disputed this fact. Youtuber ‘Engineering Explained’ came in for the final blow and used his background in math and physics to prove without any reason of doubt that SSC had lied.

Phew. We’re back up to speed. Here’s the next installment:

John Hennessey dropped by the DRIVE ON podcast for a quick chat about all things car-related when the SSC debacle came up. Hennessey had no reservations about throwing fists and threw some haymakers at the brand for their negligence.

“I don’t think anybody just shows up to a highway road, Ehra Lessien or Bonneville. And on their first or second try out – we went broke the record by 50 mph! It doesn’t happen in track field, basketball or soccer and it certainly doesn’t happen in the world of going fast” said Hennessey.

“the serious guys don’t just show up to a road or a highway or Bonneville and just throw in one piece of test equipment and some other guy’s camera and say, oh well, we have the file but we can’t share it with you… We lost the video… But, believe this – we went 400 mph… That’s nonsense” he continued. This is Epstein’s death all over again.

As it stands, the Koenigsegg Agera RS still has the world record despite SSC claiming to be in the process of bringing us the real footage/data (or another test). Either we get proof or the midgames will continue. Stay tuned for the next episode of ‘SSC: DRAMATICA’