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lotus model list

Lotus Models

Lotus Model Lists (Current & Legacy Cars)

2023 Range

Current Lotus Lineup

2023 Lotus Emira Prototype

Current Lotus Models

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Production: 1957–1973

Lotus Seven

This is where it all began.

Lotus 7
Lotus Seven S2
Lotus Super Seven S2
Lotus Seven S3
Lotus Seven S4
Lotus Elan S2

1st Gen Production: 1962 - 1975 / 2nd Gen Production: 1989 - 1995

Lotus Elan

Still the one many call the best ever

Elan 1500
Elan 1600
Lotus Elan S2
Lotus Elan S2 SE
Elan S3
Elan S3 SE
Elan S4
Lotus Elan S4 SE
Lotus Elan Sprint
Elan +2
Elan +2S
Elan M100
lotus elan m100

Production: 1963-1970 / Units Made: ~7,400

Lotus Cortina

Ford and Lotus build a homologation special

Lotus Cortina Mk1
Lotus Cortina Mk 2
1965 Lotus Europa John Player Special

Production: 1966-1975

Lotus Europa

The birth of one of the lowest slung coupes ever made

Lotus Europa S1 Type 46
Europa S2
Europa Twin Cam
Lotus Europa John Player Special

Lotus Elite, Éclat & Excel

Lotus Elite
Lotus Elite Type 75
Lotus Elite 03
Éclat S1
Lotus Éclat Riviera
Lotus Excel
lotus esprit sport 350

Production: 1976-2004 / Units: 10,675 made

Lotus Esprit

Lotus' attempt at 1970s & 1980s supercar-cool

Lotus Esprit S1
Lotus Esprit S2
Lotus Esprit S2.2
Lotus Esprit Essex Turbo
lotus turbo esprit
Turbo HC
lotus esprit na
Esprit S3
Lotus Esprit Turbo SE
Lotus Esprit X180R
Lotus Esprit S4
Lotus Esprit Sport 300
Lotus Esprit S4S
Lotus Esprit GT3
lotus esprit v8
Esprit V8 GT
Lotus Esprit V8 SE
2002 Lotus Esprit V8

The Lotus Esprit Guide

In-depth guides, reviews, specs and special variants.

Lotus Elise S1

Production: 1996-2021 / Units: 35,124

Lotus Elise

Light. Fun. Awesome.

Lotus Elise Series 1
Lotus Elise 111S
Lotus Elise S2
Lotus Elise 111
Lotus Elise 111
Lotus Elise 111R
Elise 2008
2008 Elise SC
Lotus Elise S
Lotus Elise R
Elise S3
Elise S2 SC RGB Special
Elise S3 R
elise s
Lotus Elise Club Racer
Lotus Elise 220 Cup
Elise Sprint 220
Lotus Elise Sport 220
Lotus Elise 135 Sport
Elise Sport 160
Elise Sport 190
50th Anniversary Edition Elise
Lotus Elise 49
Type 79 Elise
Elise Millenium
Lotus 340R
Elise GT1
Elise S2 Sport 135
Elise S2 Sport 190
Elise Type 25 (S2)
Lotus Elise S2 Type 23
Lotus Elise Sports Racer
Elise S2 Type 49
Elise S2 Type 99T
Lotus Type 72D
Lotus Elise S2 California Special
Lotus Elise Type 25 Jim Clark Edition
Elise S2 Club Racer
Elise S2 2-Eleven
Elise S 20th Anniversary Special (1)
Lotus Elise 250 Cup
Elise Cup 260

Lotus Elise Guide

In-depth guides, reviews, specs and special variants.

Production: 2006 - 2010 / Units Made: 456

Lotus Europa S

A Grand Tourer (GT) inspired two-seater

Production: 2000-2021 / Units: 10,497

Lotus Exige

Arguably the best sports car Lotus ever made

2000 Lotus Exige
2004 Lotus Exige
Lotus Exige S
Exige S 240
2010 Lotus Exige S240
Lotus Exige S (Series 3)
Lotus Exige S Roadster
Exige Sport 350
Exige Sport 350 Roadster
Exige Sport 380
Lotus Exige Sport 410
Lotus Sport Exige 240R
exige espionage
Exige Cup 255
Lotus Sport Exige GT3 Concept
Exige Cup 270E Tri-Fuel
Exige S RGB Special Edition
Exige S 260 Final Edition
Lotus Exige R-GT
Lotus Exige V6 Cup
Lotus Exige V6 Cup R
lotus exige 360 cup 4
2015 Exige S Club Racer
Lotus Exige 350 Special Edition
Exige Race 380
Lotus Exige Cup 380
Exige Cup 430