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2016 Bugatti Chrion

Sorted Supercar Lists

These lists sort the top supercars by specific performance metrics. While studying them, it is important to remember that fundamental aspects such as quality and cohesion can’t be ranked, however, they do provide entertaining study or entertainment.

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brands a to z

Here’s a full list of all car manufacturers from A to Z.

Some quick links to popular brands here:

Alfa RomeoAston MartinAudiBentleyBMW
Rolls-RoyceSubaruToyotaVolkswagen Volvo

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top 50 supercars by top speed

Top 50 Supercars Listed by Top Speed

There are lots of different ways to measure automotive superiority, but a car’s top speed is something everybody understands. From historic cars that hit 300 mph+ back in the late 1930s to recent hypercars that make 200mph look easy, this list has them all.

Here’s a sneak peak of the Top 10 fastest cars by top speed, but don’t worry because we have the full article and list of Top 50 Supercars by Top Speed here.

RankMakeCarTop Speed (mph)Top Speed (kph)
1Daimler-Benz1939 Daimler-Benz T80393.71 mph633.6 km/h
2Koenigsegg2014 Koenigsegg One:1273 mph439.3 km/h
3Hennessey2010 Hennessey Venom GT270 mph434.5 km/h
4SSC2009 SSC Ultimate Aero270 mph434.5 km/h
5Vector2008 Vector Avtech WX-8 HPV270 mph434.5 km/h
6Oldsmobile1987 Oldsmobile Aerotech ST267.71 mph430.8 km/h
7Bugatti2010 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Super Sport267.70 mph430.8 km/h
8Keating2006 Keating TKR260 mph418.4 km/h
9SSC2007 SSC Ultimate Aero TT257.44 mph414.3 km/h
109ff2009 9ff GT9-R257.09 mph413.7 km/h

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top 50 supercars by acceleration

Fastest Accelerating Cars

While massive top speed can be achieved with a huge engine and little else, the quickest 0-60 car needs to be able to put the power down quickly and maximize traction immediately. That’s hard. Creating the fastest 0-60 and quarter mile car in the world is as much about the rapid evolution of technology as it is the engine performance.

Here’s a sneak peak of the Top 10 fastest cars by acceleration, but don’t worry because we have the full article and list of Fastest Supercars 0 to 60mph

 RankBrandCar0-60 mph time1/4 mile time
 1Ford1994 Ford SVT Boss Mustang 10.0L Concept1.9 sec10.5 sec
2Lingenfelter2002 Lingenfelter 427 Twin Turbo1.97 sec9.1 sec
3Ariel2008 Ariel Atom 500 (V8)2.3 sec
4Porsche2013 Porsche 918 Spyder2.3 sec9.9 sec
5Bugatti2010 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport2.4 sec9.6 sec
6Lamborghini2010 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento2.4 sec10 sec
7Bugatti2012 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse2.4 sec9.9 sec
8Bugatti2006 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron2.48 sec10.7 sec
9Mansory2014 Mansory Vivere2.48 sec10.7 sec
10Caparo2007 Caparo T12.5 sec10.2 sec

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top cars by power to weight ratio

Top Cars by Power to Weight

If you want to know the true performance of a car, you can’t just focus on horsepower. It is only one part of performance puzzle. You also need to dig into the power to weight ratio (the higher the number is, the better).

Power-to-weight ratio is equal to thrust per unit mass multiplied by the velocity of any vehicle.

By cutting on down the weight of a car, you can increase the speed and performance. The more power a car has per pound, the higher the power-to-weight ratio. So while we want a powerful engine, we also want a light car in order to truly outperform the competition.

Here’s a list of the top 10 cars listed by power to weight ratio:

No.MakeCarPower (hp)Weight (lb)Power to Weight (hp/lb)Power to Weight (hp/ton)
1HennesseyHennessey Venom GT21,5002,68555.871230.52
2McLaren1971 McLaren M8F7401,42451.971145.51
3McLaren1972 McLaren M207871,52151.741140.58
4SSC2011 SSC Tuatara1,3502,60051.921144.07
5Lotec2001 Lotec Sirius1,3342,82247.271042.19
6 SSC2009 SSC Ultimate Aero1,2872,75046.801030.42
7Daimler-BenzDAIMLER-BENZ T802,9646,38646.411023.34
8McLarenMcLaren M8C6501,42445.651006.19
9HennesseyHennessey Venom GT1,2442,74345.35984.41
10KoenigseggKoenigsegg One:11,3412,99944.71986.03

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top 50 most expensive cars

Most Expensive Supercars

These brands know that cars are more than transportation. They are art. They are a combination of body, engine, technology and emotion that capture the attention of people across all walks of life. Yet, at the high end, these cars are off limits to everybody than the few one percenters who can afford to indulge.

The list of highest priced cars is a truly mind-boggling list machines that the whole team lusts over. See the full article and list of Most Expensive Supercars

Here’s a taste of the super-exotic, ridiculously expensive cars:

RankBrandCarPrice (USD)
1MercedesMercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero$8,000,000
2LamborghiniLamborghini Veneno Roadster$4,500,000
3LykanLykan Hypersport$3,400,000
4Ferrari2015 Ferrari FXX K$3,100,000
5PaganiPagani Zonda Revolucion$2,900,000
6FerrariLaFerrari FXX K$2,700,000
7Bugatti2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse$2,600,000
8Koenigsegg2010 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita$2,600,000
9PaganiPagani Huayra BC$2,600,000
10FerrariFerrari F60 America$2,500,000

See the full article and list of Most Expensive Supercarstop nurburgring times
Top 100 Nurburgring Track Times

Encircling the village of Nürburg, Germany, the Nürburgring course is every professional driver’s dream…and hellish nightmare. The Nurburgring Nordschleife is one of the best, most intimidating and most famous tracks in the world.

We’ve got the full list of cars that tamed the “Green Hell”, but here’s a taste, the Top 10 Nurburgring lap times:

1RadicalRadical SR8LM6:48.002009Watch Onboard
2RadicalRadical SR86:56.082005Watch Onboard
3PorschePorsche 918 Spyder6:57.002013Watch Onboard
4LamborghiniLamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce6:59.732015Watch Onboard
5NissanNissan GT-R Nismo7:08.682015Watch Onboard
6GumpertGumpert Apollo Speed7:11.572009Watch Onboard
7DodgeDodge Viper SRT-10 ACR7:12.132010Watch Onboard
8LexusLexus LFA Nurburgring Package7:14.642012Watch Onboard
9DonkervoortDonkervoort D8 RS7:14.89 2005Watch Onboard
10PorschePorsche 911 GT2 RS7:18.00 2010Watch Onboard

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most expensive cars at auction
Top 100 Cars At Auction

We’ve assembled the list of the 100 most expensive cars ever sold at auction. We will also try to keep this list of the most expensive cars updated since it seems a new record is set every few months – most of the records are all in the last few years.

See the full article and list of Top Most Expensive Cars in the World

Here are the top 10 most expensive cars ever:

RankDateMYCarAuctioneerOriginal Price
1Aug 14, 20141962Ferrari 250 GTOBonhams$38,115,000
2Feb 5, 20161957Ferrari 335SArtcurial$35,711,359
3Jul 12, 20131954Mercedes-Benz W196Bonhams$29,600,000
4Dec 10, 20151956Ferrari 290 MMRM Sotheby’s$28,050,000
5Aug 17, 20131967Ferrari 275 GTB/4*S NART SpiderRM Auctions$27,500,000
6Aug 16, 20141964Ferrari 275 GTB/C SpecialeRM Auctions$26,400,000
7Feb 6, 20151961Ferrari 250 GT SWB California SpiderArtcurial$18,500,000
8Jun 27, 20141954Ferrari 375-Plus Spider CompetizioneBonhams$18,400,177
9Aug 13, 20151964Ferrari 250 LMRM Auctions$17,600,000
10Mar 11, 20161961Ferrari 250 GT SWB California SpiderGooding & Company$17,160,000

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