1940s Cars – The Darkness of WWII, the Auto Industry & Cautious Optimism

The 1940s were an interesting time for the high end car market and for the broader automotive industry in general. The biggest driver of the rapid changes in the industry were the side effects of WWII. Early in the 1940s, carmakers were forced to build tanks and airplanes for the war effort. Early in 1941 it also became clear that production of passenger cars would need to be cut to save materials for defense purposes. As far as cars were concerned, WWII shut down the industry. When cars were produced, shortages in materials like aluminum and zinc meant that materials like cast iron and steel were used instead so cars were heavy and cumbersome.

Cars got bigger and were more luxurious. With Aluminum low in availability, carmakers when back to steel for pistons and other components. The increased weight resulted in heavier crankshafts and connecting ends and that worked its way down the rest of the car.

After the war things picked up for the auto-industry. While many countries were still picking up the pieces and rebuilding, the auto industry made huge strides forward in terms of volume, technology, design and overall innovation. The back half of the 1940s had cars created from odd parts left from the war as well as ground up machines that took advantage of the newfound consumer optimism and were made by re-energized carmakers.

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