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Here, you can add a car to We posted the 35 mph limit to remind you to be careful, that means not plagerizing, respecting copyrights and double checking before submitting a car. First it is important to know that is a sports car database, so we aren't necessarily interested in F1, Nascar, Indycar or Hotrods.

Please be familiar with what a complete page entry looks like. You can view the 1938 Delahaye 135 MS as an example. We are primarily intersted in base models and not every type of body that appeared on chassis (although exceptions can be made for special one-ofs and showcars).

Process Overview

The process of submitting a car is a multi-step one using online forms. You will first enter Year, Make and Model on this page and verify that the entry isn't a duplicate. This will be followed by image, specification, and article sections, that last two of which are optional.

The article can be sourced either from a manufacturer press release or written yourself. But please do not copy other websites nor other people's online work. Same goes for images.

After submitting you must wait for the item to be processed by Moderators or Editors. If your entry is eventually added you will get full permanent credit for the car and it will be listed under your submissions.

General Car Details (all Required)

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