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There are car company logos that everybody knows. Not the ones that just car-nuts like you and I know, but the ones that little old ladies know too. You know that a company has made its mark on the business world when their logo is recognizable all over the world. As if often the case with a memorable car company logo, most of the times the symbol is all you need to see to know “that is a Ferrari logo” or “that is a Ford logo”. A simple sign or combination of images can break through the language barrier, making the logo more famous than the name of the car company itself. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most recognizable car company logos in the world.

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Sports Car & Supercar Brand Logos

There are car company logos that everybody knows and then there are automotive logos that us enthusiasts can recognize from miles away. These are car companies and marquees that create some of the most memorable performance machines on the planet, the iconic cars and iconic logos.

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