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Ford GT Mk2

Ford GT Mk2

A Super Special Supercar

We knew Ford was going to release something special at Goodwood, and we knew it was going to be some kind of GT. The company has unveiled its latest creation. It’s the Ford GT Mk2. The car is a track-only supercar that’s a modified version of the race-spec GT. The Mk2 version of the car cannot be driven on the road, and it can’t be raced in any existing series.

First up, the engine. Ford went over the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 and tuned it to make 700 hp. The company outboard-mounted air cooler with water spray technology. There’s a big hood scoop designed to bring air to auxiliary engine parts, the clutch, and transmission. The transmission is the same seven-speed, dual clutch affair, but modified for the additional power.

Ford has also adjusted the exterior of the car, adding a new splitter, diffuser, dive planes, and a large rear wing. All told, the exterior enhancements manage to produce 400 percent more downforce than the street version of the car. This allows the car to pull 2 gs in the corners.

Ford will sell these cars for $1.2 million. The company won’t make very many of them, though. Only 45 of the cars will be built. That means the fastest version of the GT will be a scarce sight. This is one special car. We’d imagine Ford won’t have any trouble selling them.