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Porsche Taycan 4S – Home Charging Fix & Updates

Hi everyone. I figured this would be a good time for another blog post where I can provide some updates, as well as a tip for those of you who may have had problems with the home charger system.

So with regards to the former, I am now at about 3,800 km on the odometer and I’ve yet to encounter any glaring issues with the car. I continue to find the driving dynamics and overall character of the car quite mesmeric. I truly feel like I am in my own special zone when driving the Taycan; its heightened zen-like sensory outputs allowing my mind to remain focused, while also keeping my heart at ease.

Let’s see…. since my last post, I’ve got the windows tinted for privacy. I think 30% all around (except the windshield) should do the job of mitigating unwanted moments which would be disruptive to the desired experience when driving the car, especially while I’m minding my own business around town.

Great install by Shadow Tinting, as well.

I’ve also essentially solved the home charging issue I was having which I briefly touched on in an earlier post, bringing us to the latter point.

Using the Porsche Connect app on my phone, I played around with some of the charging settings which were for the most part, on default. It looks like I’ve managed to solve the problem of the car not charging overnight or when it was set to do so, as this issue has not come up again since the changes. Here’s a quick walk through on what I changed and what has worked for me.

Open the Porsche Connect App from your smartphone, where you will be directed to the main “My Vehicle” screen as shown. Hit the “Profiles” button.
On the next screen you’ll be able to select from different charging profiles if you’ve made more than one. Select the profile you use for home charging. “Optimized charging” near the bottom of the screen will be the default setting. Select “Preferred charge times” instead, and choose an appropriate window (mine is midnight to 10:00 am) for when you want your car to be charged.
Here’s what “Optimized charging” is about, as per the app. Unfortunately, it also seemed to be the root of the problem with regards to charging processes not happening as planned.
Save all your settings, then return to the home screen and tap “Timer”. This is where you set your charging to how much you want, when you want it. I have mine set to be charged to 85% by 7:00 am every morning. In the interest of slowing battery degradation and extending the life of the battery, the app will pop up a warning message if you set the target above 85%. You can also set the cabin temperature in conjunction with the departure timer – good for “warming up” the car on cold winter days. Remember to hit “Save” at the top.
Don’t forget to plug your car in for the night! You should see this on the physical charger screen (the blue indicator/light, meaning charging is paused) within 20 seconds of establishing a connection with your car. This means you’re good to go, and can sleep easy knowing your car will be charged when you wake up the next morning.
Voila. A lot more of this….
…and hopefully no more of this!

It was pretty annoying getting into the car some mornings and seeing that it didn’t charge, even though it was physically plugged in. The changes I made – as outlined in this guide – seemed to have eliminated this issue for me. Now I’m able to plug-in with confidence, knowing I’ll have a fully charged Taycan waiting for me the following day. Life is good.