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The Ultimate 90s Supercar DRAG RACE: Ferrari F40 vs Bugatti EB110

While most cars from the 1990s have faded into obscurity, but the Bugatti EB 110 and Ferrari F40 continue to hold a prominent place in our memories. While these cars are often admired in photos or museums rather than on the road today, Mat Watson and his team at carwow has arranged for a thrilling drag race between these two iconic supercars.

The Ferrari F40 is not only one of the most captivating Ferraris but also among the most cherished cars ever. It stands as a genuine four-wheeled legend, delivering unparalleled emotional engagement through its 2.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, generating a maximum power of 478 horsepower and 577 Nm of torque.

Adding to the excitement of the video is the presence of another dream car on the battleground. While not quite matching the charisma of its “Prancing Horse” rival, the Bugatti EB110 boasts a quad-turbo V12 3.5-liter engine producing over 550 horsepower. An engineering marvel, it features a lightweight carbon fiber body and an all-wheel-drive system for exceptional grip, all wrapped in the typical elegance of Bugatti creations.

Witnessing them side by side, in a drag race, creates a certain effect. To find out who won, just watch the video below!