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Chris Harris Discusses the Ferrari SF90 Stradale

He Says It’s Impressive, But …

Chris Harris and Jack Rix discuss the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. In the past, Chris has said that he didn’t much like the Ferrari SF90 Stradale or many of the other hybrid supercars and hypercars that are coming out today.

In a video posted to Top Gear’s YouTube, Harris said after having driven the car, he still doesn’t much like it.

“It’s a vehicle you find yourself admiring more than lusting after when you drive it because it trades in speed,” he said. “And when you’re trading in speed you’re just trading in applying forces to the body of the driver that’s really it.”

He said there’s no denying that the car is fast, but he said it’s so fast you don’t have time to understand what’s happening in the moment.

He also said this car went faster on the test track than anything else by over a second. “That’s just stupid,” he said.

Harris has some interesting things to say about the overall layout of the car and the power figures. He says he’d rather have a rear-wheel-drive Ferrari with a front trunk, and doesn’t seem all that impressed by the hybrid all-wheel-drive setup. He said, “Right now, what I want is 500 hp, 950 kilograms, a manual gearbox, and maybe a little bit of electricity to get be through town quietly and start-up quietly in front of my neighbors.”

To me, it sounds like Harris is in for a real treat when he gets to drive the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50. Check out the full conversation below.