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Fastest McLaren Cars

Our approach was to go through our McLaren model list to find the acceleration times published by McLaren directly and where we couldn’t find them we sourced from third party testing. We sorted the results a few different ways. First by fastest accelerating, fastest top speed, fastest quarter mile and then we broke them out by model too. Hopefully that works for you guys but let us know if it doesn’t.

Every McLaren is fast. From the company’s first attempt at a production car in the M6GT to the mighty McLaren F1 to the latest luxury GT, they all lead their respective competitors in terms of outright performance. The numbers don’t lie. It is part of the McLaren promise to prospective owners that you are getting one very rapid car for your money. McLaren is always upping the ante with every new model. We are talking about a car company that consistently delivers cars that launches from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds flat or under, it is quite an accomplishment. 

Fastest McLaren Cars By Top Speed

The McLaren Speedtail is the fastest McLaren by top speed. While it has yet to be tested, McLaren has said that the car will be capable of more than 250 mph which would eclipse the McLaren F1. Speaking of the McLaren F1, it is hard to imagine that its top speed of 241 mph was set all the way back in 1998. The F1 LM was slightly slower than the base F1 at 225 mph largely to its aero being focused on the track. The McLaren P1, a recent hybrid hypercar that showed the world hybrids can indeed be fast was able to crack 217 mph and McLaren says it is capable of more were it not for it being electronically limited. The final spot in the five fastest McLaren’s by top speed is the McLaren 720S which in itself says a lot given the 720S is not some hypercar, but a series production model you can walk into any dealer and buy. Insane. 

This was meant to be a top five list, but it turns out that there are eight McLaren models all tied for fourth place so we included them all. It is amazing to me that a 0-60 mph time of 3 seconds won’t even get you into this fastest McLaren list. Nope, you need a 2.9 second sprint from standstill to 60 mph to have that honor bestowed upon you. At the top of the heap it is no surprise that the McLaren hypercars are the fastest accelerating cars to both 60 mph and then onto 124 mph. What is more amazing is just how fast the “regular” McLaren’s are, keeping it pretty close. We are glad we included the 124 mph time as you start to see how each model is truly different given just how close the 60 mph times are. 

Fastest McLaren Cars over 1/4 Mile 

This list was surprising to us, no real trend is clear on the fastest 1/4 mile times. There is a nice mix of hypercars and more recent machines with supercars that sit in the middle of the McLaren range.