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First Bugatti Divo deliveries to the US West Coast

Bugatti Beverly Hills has ordered four units of the multi-million dollar Divo, that’s 10% of the total, worldwide production, as Bugatti will only build 40 units, three of those have just arrived on the West Coast. The base MSRP for a Bugatti Divo is €5,000,000, which converts to about $6,083,000 … so the three cars delivered now represent over $18,000,000 in total!

The Bugatti Divo is powered by the legendary 8-liter W16 engine using four turbochargers to deliver 1,500 PS to the road, the Molsheim based company even had to electronically limit the top speed to 380 km/h (nearly 224 mph), probably due to the fact they don’t have tires that are capable of higher speeds at this moment.

The first customers received their bespoke Bugatti Divo in August 2020, and during the first months of 2021, all 40 units will be delivered to their fortunate owners. Three of them will be able to receive their key, which comes inside an absolutely stunning case, from the Beverly Hills dealership soon … but not before these three unique hypercars are taken to ‘The Thermal Club”, a private racetrack in Palm Desert, California.

“To see these spectacular automobile works of art go from a piece of paper to sitting here in front of me is a phenomenal feeling,” says Tim O’Hara, General Manager Bugatti Beverly Hills. “It was a very involved and lengthy process that demanded our best skills and expertise. To deliver 4 of only 40 to be built in the world and see the project through fruition is deeply gratifying.”

Check out each of the three Bugatti Divo below: