Hooray for Monaco

Top Marques Monaco is the second of three large events happening this weekend and probably the most suited for Supercars.net. This show brings together almost every supercar in the market and encourages manufacturers to only bring their flagship models. Thus, almost every car is unique, exclusive and expensive which easily makes up for the small size of the hall floor.

For the 2007 edition, two world debuts piqued our interest, the first of which is the Castagna Aznom, a stunning interpretation of the Corvette. With it’s all carbon fibre body and 750 BHP Z06 chassis, the Aznom easily outclasses any ‘Blue Devil’ we hear so much about recently.

The other debut is a new manufacturer, Weber, who have decided that top speed is the selling point for their new sportscar. While 249 mph seems unrealistic the Sportscar mock-up at the show looks promising, but a bit odd.

Today, we can bring all that is Top Marques to you, including two Gemalla Mirages Evos, thanks to ace photographer Loic Kernen. He spent a good deal of time capturing the cars coming into the the show to very good effect. His gallery is one of the most exciting on Supercars.net.