1953 Chevrolet Nomad

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS - General Motors Corporation

With the Corvette launch in the 1953, Chevrolet released America's first roadster and it was quickly followed up the next year with the world's first sport wagon, the Nomad. This one-of concept was first seen at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City and later as part of GM's massive Motorama initiative which exclusively displayed concept and halo cars.

Carl Renner was responsible for the Nomad which was essentially a Corvette built with an extended station wagon roof. This meant the Corvette shared its lightweight fiberglass body, 'Blue Flame' inline-6 engine and curvaceous styling with the Nomad.

While the Corvette-based Nomad never made it beyond the single Motorama prototype, it inspired Chevrolet to follow up with a Nomad based on their new Bel Air platform. In 1958 a four door version was offered as well.

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