2005 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Concept

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS - Alfa Romeo GB

Derived from the Alfa Romeo 8C Competitzione, the 8C Spider is a thoroughbred sports car in the traditional Alfa Romeo spirit; it offers sophisticated engineering, a sporty yet elegant shape, and strictly two-seat accommodation.

Created at the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, the 8C Spider expresses all that is most precious in the company's heritage.

The low and aggressive front or the face of the car is characterized by the classic Alfa Romeo triptych-the central triangular 'scudetto' flanked by horizontal 'moustaches'. The lateral view of the car underscores its compactness and its classical mechanical layout, with longitudinally, front-mounted engine and rear-wheel-drive. The car is sure-footed on its prominent wheels, placed in the four corners. The 'coda tronca' short tail with generous round taillights, typical for an Italian sports cars, adds to the purposeful, dynamic image of the 8C Spider.

The interior design reflects the same philosophy; the cockpit's non-compromised ergonomics, style, and choice of materials concentrate on one goal only; the ultimate driving pleasure.


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