2007 Audi APR8

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS - Supercars.net @ SEMA 2007

For some it's largely about appearance. For others, it's about helping a great car reach its full performance potential. The obsessive engineers at APR Tuned fit squarely into the later school. In fact, their own Web site states that ''if it doesn’t make your vehicle perform better, stop quicker, turn flatter, and more fun, we don’t have it.'' Of course, when APR got its hands on the new Audi R8, it was already the fastest production car Audi had ever made, so APR knew it would have to dig deep to develop the engineering required to make the R8 perform even better.

One easy decision was to choose Michelin tires. APR prides itself in maintaining total control over all aspects of vehicle tuning and drivability factors, and it knew of only one tire company that shared its obsessive dedication to every detail of performance. The Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 uber Audi: an uncompromising combination of high-speed performance and everyday drivability.


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