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1933 Maserati 8CM Gallery

1933 Maserati 8CM Gallery

The advanced new engines were fitted in a very conventional steel ladder frame, which was suspended all-round by solid axles and semi-elliptic leaf springs. This was sufficient for the four cylinder engine, but the power of the eight cylinder engine and large hydraulically actuated drum brakes caused the chassis to flex. Dubbed the 8CM, it was not received very well because of this lack of rigidity. It took Tazio Nuvolari to solve most of the problems and turn the 8CM into a race winner.

He arrived on the track just in time for the race, but forced to start at the back of the grid. The modifications made a night and day difference and the always charging Nuvolari took the lead on the first lap. He went on to win the race; not the last of that season.

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