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The Best Car Manufacturers for New Motorists

Those that have recently passed their driving test will be eager to get on the road and begin enjoying their new found freedom. For any new motorist in the market for a car, it is important that you take the time to find the right vehicle so that you feel comfortable behind the wheel. For novices, there are a few manufacturers worth considering and they have automobiles which are ideal for first timers.


Hyundai are excellent manufacturers of compact cars. In particular, the i10 is a superb vehicle that is great for new drivers. It is affordable, compact, stylish and smooth to drive. The i10 is also packed with impressive technology which also improves your driving experience.


Ford are one of the most trusted and reputable manufacturers around the world. As such a reliable manufacturer, it means that you know that the vehicle is safe and this is very important for new motorists. The Ford Ka is a great example as it is compact and cute but packed full of great features, such as a stop-start engine and voice command technology.


Another reputable manufacturer, Peugeot have many great models for first-time drivers. Perhaps the best is the 108, which was designed for young drivers and it is both affordable and compact. It is also cheap to run with a number of economic engine options. The 108 is trendy and there are many personalisation features to consider.


Citroen are well known for creating stylish, compact and reliable vehicles. The C1 is a terrific example of this and it is very popular with young drivers as there are so many customisation options and colours. It is also economical and cheap to run and best suited to urban driving.


The Renault Clio is a classic compact car that has a great reputation for its reliability. It is a perfect first car as it is very safe and reliable due to the impressive technological features. It also has a trendy and sporty exterior, making it a fun, stylish and practical automobile.

These are the best manufacturers and a few of the tops models for new motorists. For first time drivers, it is crucial that you find a vehicle that is reliable, affordable, safe and comfortable. You can’t go wrong with any of the above-mentioned vehicles and they will be a great way to begin your life as a motorist.