Exotic Sports Cars: The Pros And Cons

Like many other car nuts, you might have a certain model of exotic supercar that you’ve been lusting over since you were a kid. Aside from its huge value as a status symbol, there’s nothing quite like pushing the speedo on an open, winding road with a couple of tons of masterful European engineering underneath you. While they’re definitely fast, luxurious, and impressive, there are two sides to exotic sports cars. Here are the main pros and cons of ownership…


The most obvious pro of owning an exotic sports car is the fact that their speed and performance can’t be beaten. By and large, a high-end import sports car will easily get up to speeds in excess of 160mph. Some of the priciest models can even break 260, rivaling some of the fastest cars on earth. The handling, suspension and so forth are also pristine wherever you look.

Another big pro is the sheer prestige that one of these cars will get you. When you buy an exotic sports car, you’ll be joining an elite owner’s club, with a very limited membership due to the sheer price of these vehicles. The way other people judge you based on the car you drive might not cross your mind that much, but if it does this is certainly a pro!

Exotic sports cars can also be a fantastic investment. This is especially true if the car you buy is a special edition which was only manufactured in small numbers. While it isn’t a sure thing, the right kind of car can appreciate as much as 15% per year if it’s kept in good condition.


The most obvious and glaring drawback of exotic sports cars is of course the price. As much as you love cars, you may find that after you mull it all over, owning one of these exotic models really isn’t worth the cost.

Closely related to the asking price of an exotic sports car, standard tune ups and maintenance can be extremely costly. Even for simple things like an oil change, you may not be able to take your car to the mechanic you’ve been going to for decades, and may have to go to the trouble of finding a specialist. While most reputable sports cars have been engineered by geniuses, when you do need auto repair, it certainly isn’t going to be cheap!

The fuel economy on most exotic sports cars is also a major con which you have to consider. A lot of people aren’t aware of this, but some of the most prestigious supercars in the world are horrible gas guzzlers, and will cost you a small fortune at the gas pumps in a relatively short amount of time. In fact, the best specs you can expect to find in a Ferrari or Porsche will be about 12mpg. However, if you’re planning on getting something on the higher end in terms of performance, with a V12 or even a V16, you may only get a measly 4 to 5 miles per gallon!