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1964 Ferrari 330 Fantuzzi Spyder

Ferrari 330 Fantuzzi Spyder

1964 Ferrari 330 Fantuzzi Spyder

After serving duty at Le Mans and Sebring, Ferrari chassis number 4381SA was sent to Carrozzeria Fantuzzi to be rebodied for the 1968 film ‘Spirits of the Dead’ in a chapter called ‘Never Bet Your Head’ directed by Federico Fellini. Painted gold and black, it was one of the most striking cars used in a 1960s film.

In 1963, 4381SA was purchased by Cronograph SpA for use in their feature films. They sent the car to Carrozzeria Fantuzzi in Modena, Italy for a striking new Spyder body. It was loosely modeled after the 1964 Ferrari 275 P with a similar roll hoop and front end. At the front, the bodywork was rather crudely riveted around the front grill. The same treatment was done around the rear Kamm tail.

During the film, actor Terence Stamp has high speed drive towards Rome, Italy. Along the way he tries to jump an uncompleted bridge in the Ferrari and gets decapitated by a wire. During the sequence the Ferrari was not destroyed.

After the film, the car was sold and reunited with its more popular Le Mans Berlinetta body. The gold spyder body was then fitted on a Ferrari 330 2+2 chassis.

In 2009, a modern interpretation of 4381SA was created for Edward Walson after he saw it in Fellini’s film. Another 250 GT was also rebodied in similar style to 4381SA on 250 GTE chassis 2235GT.

1964 Ferrari 330 Fantuzzi Spyder

1964 Ferrari 330 Fantuzzi Spyder 1964 Ferrari 330 Fantuzzi Spyder

Specs & Performance

submitted by Richard Owen
type One Of
built at Modena, Italy
coachbuilder Carrozzeria Fantuzzi
production 1
engine V12
position Front Longitudinal
aspiration Natura
block material Aluminum
valvetrain SOHC 2 Valves / Cyl
displacement 3967 cc / 242.08 in³
bore 77 mm / 3.0 in
stroke 71 mm / 2.8 in
compression 9.0:1
power 298.3 kw / 400 bhp @ 7500 rpm
specific output 100.83 bhp per litre
bhp/weight 419.73 bhp per tonne
body / frame Aluminum over Tipo 574 Steel Body
driven wheels RWD
front brakes Discs
rear brakes Discs
curb weight 953 kg / 2100 lbs
transmission 5-Speed Manual