We Are Hiring: Writers Wanted for Supercars.net

Writers Wanted for Supercars.net

“Car Fanatics” Should Keep Reading

At Supercars.net we eat, sleep and dream sports cars and supercars. We love all cars but have a real passion for the high performance ones. Since its inception, Supercars.net has offered complete coverage of international sports cars, from gorgeous classic cars, unique car concepts that wowed us, hypercars that made us dream and everything in between.

We are looking for bloggers and writers who are passionate about all things supercars and sports car to write for Supercars.net. We want enthusiastic and excited writers who can consistently create posts that are focused on the car space, particular sports cars and supercars. If you live, breath and love cars, this is the perfect opportunity for you. If you waste your entire work day on car sites and watching car videos of Chris Harris on Youtube while simultaneously thumbing supercar pictures on Instagram, you should probably apply right now.

Our ideal person can be self-directed and create the topics and posts without a lot of supervision. We want somebody who really loves cars and is able to conduct his/her own research and write independently. You will need to be fast, flexible and have a sense of humor. We want somebody who is into cars but who loves to write with a passion. We are seeking part car nerd, part car evangelist and part car fanatic.

We want somebody who can write about a wide range of car topics from classic Bugattis to the latest news from Lamborghini or Ferrari tuning news. We’re looking for somebody who can write a mix of posts that include for example:

  • Supercar Battles & Rivalries
  • Supercar and Sports car news
  • Supercar Video of the Day
  • Create Epic Gif of the Day
  • Thursday Supercar Throwback
  • Car Review Roundup
  • and lots of Top 10 Lists….

Supercar lists are an important part of what we do and the value we provide our readers. We want somebody who has the ability to come up with interesting and engaging topics. Examples would be blog topics like “The 5 Best BMW Engines Ever”, “Top 5 Alfa Legends” and “Top 5 Hot Hatchbacks on Sale” today. If lists aren’t your thing we also want people who can put together cool videos like “Porsche 911 Turbo vs Porsche 911 GT3 sound battle” by combining clips available online.

Ideally, we are looking for a writer who can consistently write at least three (3) articles per week, at a length of 400-600 words each (although sometimes longer and other times shorter). We are very open to hiring writers as true contributors who can build their own profile and brand using our long history, including author bio, picture, your social links and more. Passion is more important than experience for this role so don’t be shy about reaching out even if you don’t write for a living already.

This is a pretty flexible and work from home gig. We don’t hammer schedules and we don’t breathe down your neck. You write when you want to write and work on your own schedule.

Other Requirements

Should be able to conduct his/her own research and write independent posts. 

Understanding of SEO techniques and how to properly interlink keywords within posts.

Length & Tone

Article/Blog posts will normally be between 400-600 words and accompanied by suitable photos (properly attributed to owners in your posts). We really want to help people understand the world of supercars, so we are willing to work with writers who are able to write with a clear and friendly tone who also have a sense of humor.


This is a paid, ongoing position for the right applicant. Depending on the types of posts you write, compensation will be $20-$30 per regular blog post for researched posts that have lots of text and/or pictures. For news posts where you repurpose press-releases it would be in the $10-$20 range. We understand that the amount of research can impact this amount as can the length of post and type of posts. The above price is a guide and we’re willing to work with the perfect writers to ensure they feel great about their pay given the effort involved.

How to apply

If you are interested in this position please send your resume and links to 3-4 relevant writing examples to [email protected].