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RemetzCar Tesla Model SB

RemetzCar Tesla Model SB

Custom Shooting Brake Model S To Feature at Geneva Motor Show

I am personally a big fan of wagons and shooting brake vehicles. The notion of a vehicle that has the utility of an SUV and the performance dynamics and styling of a sports car, for some odd reason, has yet to really take off in North America. Elsewhere in the world, these vehicles make up a much more significant portion of the cars you see on the road.

While Tesla itself – being an American motor company – has yet to embrace the idea of a wagon/shooting brake model as far as producing one, a European coachbuilding company (no surprise) has taken on the responsibility of pioneering this into a reality. Last May, we were first treated to a shooting brake conversion concept designed by Dutch custom builder RemetzCar.

Though RemetzCar is responsible for fabricating the conversion, we really have Dutch car collector Floris de Raadt to thank as being the one who commissioned this project. As a car collector and self-proclaimed shooting brake and electric car enthusiast, de Raadt’s vision of a Tesla Model S Shooting Brake satisfies more than just a personal taste. It could be something that could scale at an international level, especially if Tesla decides to take it up – perhaps a simple tweet to Elon Musk could set things in motion…

The world will see the first rendition of the shooting brake conversion, dubbed the Model SB, at the Geneva Motor Show taking place in March 2019. Although RemetzCar has since shut its doors, Niels van Roij – original designer of the conversion – says that other coachbuilders are capable of building additional examples using his design schematics.

Such is his belief that more will be made, that van Roij has stated that the Model SB is indeed ‘for sale’ and that conversions will start at around €107,000 ($121,000 USD), which includes the base car in the price.

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