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The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport reviewed by Doug DeMuro

Reviewing a car you can’t even buy anymore might not be the best idea, but when you’re talking about a hypercar like the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport it might still be really interesting, and when the review is done by famous YouTube star Doug DeMuro in his traditional way, showing all the quirks and features, you just have to take a look at it. The Super Sport can do 275 mph when you put the special ‘top speed key’ in the keyhole, and come to think about it, the Super Sport is a more luxurious oriented version of the 300+ which was created for ultimate top speed as a street version of the Chiron record car.

The MSRP on the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is set at $3,825,000 but the car you can see in the video below came with some options … raising the price of this 1,600 PS beauty to … wait for it … $4,300,000, that’s about a Lamborghini Aventador in options alone, let’s just enjoy the video now and digest those prices …

As already mentioned, a review might be a little obsolete at this time, the entire Bugatti Chiron production has been sold out a while ago, but you might be interested in a car sitting in a showroom somewhere, so we’re still wanted to show you this Doug review, and in case you are wondering about the multitude of other Bugatti Chiron models and special editions, check out our 2022 Model list