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This Modified “S2000R” Is A “Honda’s Greatest Hits Album”

Evasive Motorsports creates the S2000 Type R that we've been missing all along

World renown tuning company, Evasive Motorsports, has just unveiled their rendition of the car they’ve dubbed the Honda S2000R.

Arguably one of the best driver’s cars ever produced, the high-revving S2000 was never short of thrills straight from the factory. While the famous Honda roadster went through a couple of changes and introduced new trim levels—such as the CR and Type S—during its lifespan, a Type R variant of the S2000 didn’t come to fruition.

Honda’s Type R series of sports cars gained legendary status almost immediately after each was introduced: the Integra, Civic, NSX, and even Accord have a Type R variant. Yet there’s one model that was never released as a Type R; the S2000. Until now!”

-Evasive Motorsports Press Release

What The “R” Adds To The Performance Equation…

The Honda S2000R is an amalgamation of restomod and aftermarket elements, with the fitting of an FK8 Civic Type R engine taking center stage. Now armed with a 2.0L turbocharged power unit, the S2000R produces 304 hp—a significant increase over the 240 hp seen in the original naturally-aspirated F20C/F22C.

Everything is managed by a MoTec ECU. Evasive has also retained the S2000’s slick and delightfully mechanical 6-speed manual transmission for sending power to the wheels. Don’t worry, it’s still the rear wheels we’re talking about here.

In order to bring out the full potential of this rebirth, the California-based tuning company had to rely on the aftermarket to fully address the all-around changes made to the platform. That sees the S2000R equipped with KW Clubsport coil overs, Eibach anti-roll bars and a new Brembo braking setup.

…And How It Honors The Past

There were also modifications made to the exterior, though Evasive was diligent in their efforts to ensure that the S2000R retained OEM vibes and was respectful to traditional Type R design philosophies. In many ways, the car harkens back to the past with its quintessential championship white paint job and matching 10-spoke wheels.

This encompasses a tastefully curated 20th Anniversary Edition front bumper, widened (but OEM-styled) front fenders, a relatively conservative yet visually appealing Type-R-appropriate rear wing, and Alcantara finishings in the cockpit along with red Recaro bucket seats. There’s plenty of carbon fiber too, though it’s painted over on the outside—namely the front hood and trunk lid—and left exposed inside.

The S2000R in the pictures is currently the first and only of its kind, bearing chassis #000. Word is they’ll be building more examples and selling them to the public, though nothing has yet been confirmed regarding pricing or how many units they’ll be putting out there. Either way, those who manage to get their hands on one will be hard pressed to find a more impressive car to add to their collection. It’s perfect, really.

The S2000 is one of the best driver’s cars ever produced. With 20 years of experience tuning the platform for road and race, we had a vision to modernize the roadster and create our ideal version of what an S2000 Type R could be.”

-Mike Chang, Evasive Motorsports Co-President

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