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Three’s a Crowd

When briefly visiting the Montreal Auto Show, we ran into the newest Canadian supercar and it grew on us. While most of the blogsphere and other related sites have shots of the old clay model, the new Locus Plethore at the show is much, much better.

Locus say they have reached a certain threshold that can only be improved upon. We can’t wait to see the next evolution which will be displayed at the Toronto Auto Show as a running prototype.

Next up is the Hamann Murcielago which will be launched in ‘6-8 weeks’. Somehow the images are already available and we couldn’t wait to share this treasure with everyone.

To conclude, we take a look at IMSA’s newest show car, the Gallardo GTV. With a tuning program to match their great bodykit, IMSA are sure to inspire others into coping their theme.