Top Marques Monaco 2010

Last weekend Top Marques Monaco had a great collection of supercars under one roof. Furthermore, they also encouraged many of the show cars to be displayed on Place du Casino which created quite a buzz for the entire weekend.

Today we have a highlight gallery from everything on the street and in the Grimaldi forum courtesy of Loïc Kernen. On display were some new marques like Marussia from Russia with four of their wild cars. Long time entrants like Mercedes-Benz, Apollo, Fisker, Weismann and Gemballa were also present. In fact, the later of these released a new car called the Lightning which we still don’t know anything about.

Top Marques are planning a new event in Abu Dhabi to coincide with the running of the F1 race. If it’s anything like the Monaco, then a visit will be highly recommended.