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1969 Alfa Romeo Iguana Concept Gallery

1969 Alfa Romeo Iguana Concept Gallery

Italdesign was commissions to create the Iguana and showed off all its amazing work at the Turin Motor Show in 1969.

The Iguana Concept was a two-seater sports car with a unique high-hedge look. The design showed some new elements that hadn’t been seen before in automotive design. The front end of the Iguana Giugiaro quoted in his designs for Maserati models Bora and Merak, and the rear end with the high-mounted tail lights were put into production in the Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint

The brushed steel exterior was particularly unique. Giugiaro later did it again with the well-known De Lorean DMC-12. The Alfa Romeo Iguana Concept never made production.

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