Are Epic Sports Cars Still Exclusive To The Rich?

Are Exotic Sports Cars Still Exclusive To The Rich?

If you ask some people, a car is just a metal box that transports us from one place to another. We shouldn’t even care about the vehicle we drive as long as it fulfills its purpose. Stay away from those people. The wider market has spoken too, just take a look at most of the uninspiring cars we see on the market today and consider all the talk of autonomous driving and Uber-ization of the world. The future is scary for car guys. It doesn’t have to be. 

I wonder how many self-described “car guys” actually drive fast, exotic (or muscle) cars? Not many I guess. Why? Are these cars out of reach? Are these cars impossible to get a hold of? Are these cars no longer being made?

Our goal is to get all of you, the fast-car loving people into your dream car so that you can help transform the zombie auto-driving public people you know into raving fans. FYI, I’d recommend joining Uber and taking all your neighbors on epic rides. 

For most of us the prospect of owning a true sports car remains little more than a fantasy. Some of us may get to drive their favorite machine on a track day while others may rent one for a special occasion. In terms of purchasing one, though, many never realize that dream. But does it have to be that way?

In truth, we all have other commitments in life. Buying an expensive car isn’t going to be top of the agenda unless you have a lot of cash. Meanwhile, most of us won’t have the $4.5m to buy a Lamborghini Veneno anytime soon. Essentially, the top end of the market is going to be reserved for the wealthiest drivers.

However, the general market has changed, and the concept of buying a sports car is far more accessible than it used to be. Read this guide on the most affordable models on the market. You’ll soon realize that buying an entry level sports car is only a little more expensive than your average everyday vehicle. Car manufacturers still make awesome sports cars for reasonable money. 

And I know which I’d rather have on my driveway…


The other option is to purchase a used motor. Once upon a time, this would have been ill advised due to the poor selection of sports cars on the market and not knowing the history of the car you are buying. Nowadays, though, the right dealership will help you find the perfect model. Moreover, many of those dealers will still offer finance packages to make the purchase more accessible to the average driver. Most importantly, in 2016, you can be confident that the car you’re buying is in great health too.


We spent an hour looking through the user-car market to find some classic supercars like the Lamborghini Gallardo, 996 Porsche 911 and Ferrari F430, all for “reasonable money”. If your budget is a little lower there is lots of choice. Try a Corvette, Nissan GTR, BMW M3 or C63 AMG to name a few, all available on the second hand market for great prices.

For many drivers, the big worry isn’t in purchasing the car. Instead, it’s the running of it. The fuel consumption will be a little higher, although choosing diesel will help fight this issue. However, the small increase in running cost is easily counteracted by the added enjoyment that driving a sports car will bring.


Another concern is the repair jobs. Again, at the top end of the market, sourcing replacement parts is going to cost an arm and a leg. But when looking at the more affordable manufacturers, services like Kelly’s Auto Repair can you get back on the road fast. Let’s face it; no car is worth buying if it’s going to be sat in the garage for weeks on end. Knowing that this is no longer a problem means that buying a lower end sports car is now more appealing than ever.

Ultimately, owning a supercar or muscle car is still very much a rich person’s game, but you can see that it isn’t impossible to get your hands on some tasty new cars (they still make great sports cars) or second-hand dream car through a reputable dealer. They’re more affordable than ever. If you’ve always wanted to do your bit to ensure manufacturers keep making these cars then you know what to do.