Top 3 Future Classic Cars

Classic cars are a tangible asset it is worth investing in, particularly in times of economic instability. These days, it’s not necessary to spend an astronomical amount either: there are future classics, which currently hold a standard value but are likely to appreciate rather quickly. 2016 has been an exciting year for cars, with Ford’s turnaround and the Focus RS changing the face of cars. Based on the performance of their predecessors, we have put together a list of cars contending for future classic status. Demand for these is likely to increase significantly, so accelerate to Shelbourne Motors or your local dealership to snap one up.

Citroen XM

An executive car, the XM came after the legendary CX and its classic, boxy exterior, capacious body and hydractive suspension have the makings of a future classic right here. The ultimate in comfort, the fact that it was voted Car of the Year in 1990 lends well to its upcoming future. Currently valued around the £1000 – £3000 mark, if the XM follows in the CX and DS’s footsteps, it’s going to rise rapidly to become a modern classic.

Audi TT

In terms of design only, the Audi TT is already a classic looking car. Its VW influence is immediately detectable with its bubbly shape and it still bears the Audi log. Yet, currently, it has not hit classic status, which means you can still acquire one for something in the region of £2000 to £8000 second hand. Poky and with a two door access, this is set to rise significantly and become quite a collector’s car in the coming years.

Ford Focus Zetec

Since Ford has had an epic year of reinvention and playing to its strength of having the Ford Performance association, it has released the Focus RS this year and is set to release supercars in 2017 as part of its modernisation. A clever marketing campaign this year has ensured that Ford are getting people to look again at the brand, essentially making almost any Ford something of a future classic. Of particular note, with the introduction of the Focus RS, older Focus makes are looking to soar, as interest in the American company is reinvigorated. With some of the performance adapted for the RS, the Zetec range can be found in the £5000 – £9000 region, with no sign of letting up its appreciation.